Real-time global instant deposits

Get quicker access to funds, wherever you are in the world, with global instant payments and Veem Wallet.

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Receive instant payments directly to your bank account

Instant deposits cut the standard bank-processing delay from three days to just a few minutes. With your money at your fingertips, your company’s growth is up to you—not your cash flow.

Payments deposited in minutes
Improve cash flow
Get quicker access to funds
Available on transactions up to $50,000

Get quicker access to funds with Veem Wallet

Veem Wallet allows you to receive, hold and send instant global payments in USD, like you had your own free USD account.

Once funds are in your wallet, you can:

  • Receive instant payments in USD from all around the world
  • Easily access funds and withdraw money from your wallet to your bank account
  • Send USD from your Wallet to over 100 countries without any intermediary or landing fees
  • Receive and send same-day payments for free by transferring from one Wallet to another

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