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Efficiently manage your payables with Veem’s customizable approval workflows.

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Introducing two flexible approval workflows

Integrate team members, set diverse approval terms, and authorize multiple payments at once.

  • Add as many users as you want, internal or external (like your accountant)
  • Increase visibility and minimize payment errors
  • Improve oversight and control over outgoing payments
  • Set approval rules by department or by payment amounts

No per-user fees

Add as many users as you want without worrying about per-user fees. Veem’s transparent pricing ensures that you can scale your approval workflow without any unexpected costs.

Integrate your existing approval structure

Create approval rules based on your existing approval structure and route payments for approvals accordingly. It’s that simple!

Discover limit-based approvals

Based on your pre-set monetary thresholds, determine who in your organization needs to give the green light, ensuring a smooth process for approving transactions.

  • Create multiple tiers of approvals
  • Manage individual roles & permissions
  • Unlimited users–no per-user fees

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Save hours spent on your payables process

Improve oversight
Exercise vigilant oversight on payment status, maintain precise control over processes, and catch payment mistakes before they’re made!

Elevate collaboration
Get notified each time a task is assigned to you, facilitating clear communication and efficient task management

Delegate effectively
Implement the approval process you already have in place or create new terms that help you delegate. Let your team handle more tasks so you can focus on growth.

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Transform your back-office processes and automate your approval workflows in just a few minutes

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Reduce your operational costs up to 95% with Platinum

Simply provide us your bills, payment or invoice info, and we’ll handle the rest. All you have to do is review and approve transactions!

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