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Earn cash back on all your foreign exchange transactions

Get up to $125 in cash back on each of your foreign exchange (FX) transactions completed within the first 90 days of creating your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for this promotion?

This promotion is only available for net new accounts, regardless of whether you’re a business, accountant or individual.

What is a foreign exchange transaction?

When you send or request a payment in a currency other than your local currency, this qualifies as a foreign exchange transaction.


  • A US based customer paying a vendor in India in Rupees (foreign currency)
  • A Mexico based vendor requesting a payment from a US based payer in Pesos (local currency)
How will cash back be distributed?

Cash back will be automatically deposited into your Veem Wallet. For countries that do not currently support Wallet (like Brazil), remittance will automatically be deposited to your bank account. Learn more about the Veem Wallet.

How are the cash back values determined?

Eligible accounts will receive a fixed cash back value based on the total $ amount of the transaction. No limit to the amount of cashback you can earn. See below for cashback rewards.

Transactions (USD) Cashback ($)
$250 to $1000 $15
$1001-5000 $50
$5001-10,000 $100
>$10,000 $125
How do I claim this promotion?

No action is required to claim this promotion. If you’ve created your account and sent or requested a foreign exchange transaction during the promotional period, your cash back value will automatically be deposited to your Veem Wallet.

Can I make multiple transactions?

Yes, you will receive cash back for every FX transaction you complete with a new individual/business. The cash back amount is capped at $500 per month and up to $1000 per year per customer.

Is there a limit to the amount of cash back I can receive?

Yes. All the promotions/offers we run are capped at $500 per month and up to $1000 per year per customer.

Terms and conditions apply
Promotion is automatically applied to new Veem customers in good standing.

Promotional funds will be awarded based on the following table for transactions that are commenced on the day that the user signs up and extends through transactions that are settled 90 days after the sign up date:

USD Value of Converted Txn Amounts Promotional Cash Back per Txn ($)
$250 to $1000 $15
$1001-5000 $50
$5001-10,000 $100
>$10,000 $125


Promotional funds will be provided to participants in their Veem Wallet in $US. Customers that have not yet activated their Veem wallet by providing supplemental verification information must do so to receive their promotional funds. Brazilian customers will receive funds directly to the funding account associated with their Veem account in local currency less applicable exchange fees. User is responsible for any federal, state or local taxes applicable to its participation in the promotion. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.