Get paid in real-time at no cost with Veem’s Virtual Card

Use your Virtual Card to get paid in real-time and use those funds to make fee-free purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted globally.

Control spending and save on business expenses

Effectively manage cash flow by utilizing your Virtual Card to spend within your means and save on each transaction by avoiding high card fees and interest rates.

The Veem Card Advantage

No fees
Unlike debit or credit cards with high processing fees, your Virtual Card allows you to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, at no cost.

Make easy, online purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, like you would with any other regular credit card.

Use your Virtual Card to minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft. Make online purchases confidently knowing with a card that isn’t traced back to your bank account or line of credit.

Get detailed reporting on all your spending

Monitor spending effortlessly by simply logging into your Veem account. Download your transaction history from your Virtual Card dashboard to keep track of all your expenses.


Make purchases easily with your mobile

Add your card to your mobile Wallet to make payments from your smartphone. Coming soon to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Have more questions?

Find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.


Are there any conditions/qualifications set to be eligible?

To qualify for the card application, the user needs to meet all the criteria listed below:

  • The client needs to be based/located in the USA
  • The account type needs to be either business or sole proprietorship
  • The account needs to be verified.
  • The beneficial ownership information on the account needs to be completed.
How long does it take to create the new card?

In most cases, the application will be approved within minutes. However, some approvals require manual review which may take 3 business days to complete. Our customer service team will contact the applicant if further documentation is required.

Once approved the card will appear in the user’s Virtual Card dashboard in their Veem Wallet. The user will be able to view the card details and begin using the card online to make purchases.

What can users spend their funds on with this card?

You have the freedom of using the card on most of your online purchases. Veem has no control over what is approved or denied by Marqeta, so Veem’s internal requirements are not applicable to these expenses. Thus, you can pay for any business expenses allowed with a Business Visa card, according to Marqeta’s internal rules.

Will my account information be displayed on the card?

The following details will be displayed:

  • Individual’s name: Only the Primary user’s (Account Owner’s) name will be on the card.
  • Business name: The business name of the Veem account will show on the card unless the user is a sole proprietor who does not have a business name.
Where can I find the Card number and CVV?

You can find your Virtual Card information, including the card number, expiry date, CVV, and name on the card by going to Veem Wallet > Virtual card. The name on the card and the expiry date will be already visible. If you want to view the full card number or the CVV, you’ll need to click the eye icon next to them.

Are the card details viewable by all users on the account?

The card number and CVV can only be viewed either by the Account Owner or users with ‘access to settings’ and ‘payment creator’ permissions.

How can I change the name on the card?

When creating your card you will be shown the Business and Individual names that will appear on your card. If these details are incorrect, please go to your Settings > Accounts section and update the incorrect information before creating your card. Once correct, you can then create your Virtual Card.

Can I dispute a charge or file a chargeback?

Yes, you can! In the Virtual Card’s Transactions section, click on the details of the transaction and the email address and phone number to contact Veem’s Customer Success team who will then coordinate the dispute with Marqeta.

Can I lock or cancel my Virtual Card?

Please contact [email protected] and the Customer Support team will process this request for you.

What happens to my Card balance if I cancel my card?

Once the card is canceled, if there was any remaining balance on it, it will be returned to your Veem Wallet.

Where can I see the transaction history?

The transactions linked to the card can be found by going to Veem Wallet > Virtual card section. There, you’ll find the transaction list as well as an option to export a transaction report.

The Veem prepaid business card is issued by Pathward® N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa® U.S.A., Inc. Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.