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Veem connects your business to verified buyers and suppliers in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Multi-rail technology

Veem has revolutionized the way small businesses pay and get paid around the world. By combining the best of traditional financial tools with the flexibility and transparency of modern technology, we’re making global payments simple, secure, and affordable. With our multi-rail technology, transactions are routed through different methods or “rails”  including card, treasury accounts, blockchain, and the SWIFT network — while balancing cost, speed, and security to deliver a fundamentally different payment experience for your business.

The Veem Verified Network

We invest substantial time and resources into keeping your payments and information safe. Veem is licensed and regulated in every country and state we serve — so you can feel confident that your finances are protected. We leverage intelligent risk automation technology and bank-level encryption to prevent fraud and ensure your transaction moves from point A to point B quickly and securely.

The Veem API

Do more with less with the lightweight Veem API. We empower businesses to integrate all the functionality of our platform within their own app, so whether you’re looking to pay or get paid, you have the full flexibility, security, and speed of our payment network through our custom API.

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Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support representatives and account managers are standing by to help you with your payment needs. Give us a call or send an email, anytime.

Nick Pasquarosa

Founder & CEO of Bookkeeper360

It’s not enough to do a good job and let our clients outgrow us. We want to stay with them and help them continue to grow, whatever their strategies are. To do that, we need an all encompassing product to help them. That’s what brought us to Veem.

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Enrico Palmerino

CEO of Botkeeper

We found Veem so convenient that we’ve started working on integrating it with our system. Whenever a client issues a payment, we’ve taught our software to send them a notice recommending they send the wires through Veem.

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Eric Hebert

Founder of Fairly Odd Treasures

With our bank, we were charged anywhere from $25 to $30 per international transfer. With Veem, I’m not charged a cent. And even if I was, I just enjoy the experience of Veem more. It’s easy, streamlined, and I love the direction they’re taking.

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Carl Harris

Owner of Ultra-Bag

We were incredibly impressed from the get go. Veem’s representatives in China made contact with our manufacturer’s CFO, and actually put the deal together as it needed to be. They answered all their questions, and even helped with some manual entry. The experience was just fabulous.

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Erik Steigen

President & CEO of USA Media Rights

The main thing is that there are no fees. My job is to manage my clients’ finances so being able to save them money is great. Not having to go into a bank branch and send a wire or go through the online process with the bank is also great. Overall it’s just a much better choice.

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