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The Veem verified network

Veem is the only two-sided payment network built for small businesses. When you make a payment with Veem, we personally onboard and connect your business partner to our network for the best possible payments experience.

Multi-rail technology

We find the perfect path for your payments. Speed, security, and cost are all factored into Veem’s algorithms to determine how your money should travel. Think about how you travel.

Whether you take a plane, train, or car depends on where you’re going, how long it will take, and how much it costs. Global transfers are no different.

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Speed, safety, and low costs are at the heart of everything we do. Small businesses need all three to grow and thrive. With blockchain technology, we can do just that. Blockchain cuts out the middlemen that add fees, time, and insecurity to your payments.

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Payments API

Work with us from your own site. Integrate Veem’s global payments service with our robust API capability. Make using our service as easy for your partners as it is for you.

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