Pay with your debit and credit cards in over 100 countries

Leverage the convenience of cards to pay with your Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card. Pay any bills, even if the business you are paying doesn’t accept cards.

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Pay by credit card

Add your credit card as a funding method to your Veem account for a flexible pay-over-time option.*

  • Collect rewards: Continue to take advantage of your credit card reward systems by using your card in Veem.
  • Stabilize cash flow: Pay business bills with your credit card—even where cards aren’t accepted—to defer payments and hold onto cash longer.
  • Speed up transaction time: Accelerate payments by credit card while ensuring vendors still receive funds directly in their bank account.

*With a 2.9% tax-deductible fee applied to each payment, 3.9% for cards issued outside the US. Transaction limits apply.

Pay by debit card

Cut back on standard processing delays and send real-time payments to vendors, clients and contractors from your debit card in over 100 countries, for a low 1% fee of the transaction total. Your payees will still receive the funds directly in their bank account.

Track your payments from start to finish

Veem’s verified business payments network ensures payments are sent securely and reliably. Know exactly where your payments are with detailed tracking that you can see. Get time stamps and detailed reporting so you know when you are going to get paid.

Keep your books organized effortlessly

Easily access your preferred accounting software directly from Veem for a seamless payment and invoice reconciliation process:

Import your contacts to Veem
Pay bills synced directly from your accounting software
Save time with automatic payment reconciliation
Improve visibility
Eliminate double data entry
Reduce errors