How about a better rate than your bank or PayPal?

Send international or domestic payments

Send money to over 100 countries in local currencies, free of charge, with global exchange rates that beat banks and PayPal.

Don’t want to convert your International USD payments into local currency? No problem. For a flat $20 fee paid by the Receiver, you can make your payments in USD.

For all payments within the US, you pay just $1. For all domestic payments within Canada, you pay just $1.50 CAD per transaction.

Stop wasting time and money – Domestic or International – just Veem it and know a business is paid.

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Receive payments from any business

Receiving payments internationally in a local currency is always $0 in fees.

Receive payments internationally from the US and keep them in USD for only $20 – that’s half the cost many banks charge.

Invoice any business using our simple invoice tool for $0.

and at no cost with every account, receive a personalized pay link that makes getting paid easy. Simply send the link to your business partners and receive payments without having to invoice.

Send over $1,000,000 a year in payments?

Not all businesses are the same. So why should they be treated that way? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at +1.877.279.2629 for volume pricing discounts on exchange rates.

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