Save time,
control cash flow, gain payments confidence for less

Domestic payments and truly competitive international rates in one simple solution.

One flat platform fee for all accounts

Get access to all our platform features for a flat monthly fee of $14.99 USD ($18.99 CAD). **

**This fee only applies to business accounts, it will be charged once you’ve sent/requested two payments since creating your account. Individual/Personal accounts will not be charged a monthly fee.

Try the platform for free

Veem provides you with an opportunity to try our platform for free. If you have been invited to pay someone or receive payments, your account will not be charged. A monthly fee of $14.99 USD will only be charged once you’ve sent/requested two payments since creating your account.
Learn more about the monthly fee.


Fees and rates will apply for any international payments, expedited payments, credit or debit card payments made. Monthly subscription fees will start after the second transaction is completed.


Bank Transfer/EFT $0 send/receive

Fast Transfer 0.5% – for same or next day Bank Transfer

Check (US only) $1.99 send

Veem Wallet $0 send/receive

International payments $0 fees and competitive exchange rates

Global Credit card 3.9%

US Credit card 2.9%

Global Debit card 1%

Global Instant deposit 1% – min. $1.50

Send payments to over 100 countries and in 70+ currencies–simply.

Veem is recognized for our competitive foreign exchange rates. You can use Veem’s FX Calculator to secure your rate, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your global payments.

Leverage the platform for all your payment needs

Simplify international and domestic payments with our flexible payment options and time-saving automations.

Flexible payment options

Available in over 100 countries with 70+ currencies, Veem offers a number of payment methods to simplify your payables and receivables.


Bank Transfer/EFT
Free payment funding and receiving directly into a bank account.

Send checks with just a click and track the status.

International Payments
Send a payment with as little as an email address and with truly competitive rates.

Credit Card
Accept credit card payments without needing a merchant account and allow clients to take advantage of credit card rewards.*

Debit Cards
Accept payments in real-time when you enable instant deposit* to a debit card.

Bypass fees and send USD payments internationally in real-time, with wallet-to-wallet payments.

Back office automations

Eliminate tedious tasks and repetition from your payment processes with one of Veem’s many automations.


Mass pay
Bulk domestic and international payments in just a few clicks.

Recurring payments
Start collecting one-time or recurring payments via card, bank transfers, and other popular payment methods instantly.

Recurring invoices
Set up an invoice once for the desired schedule and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Bookkeeping made simple

Keep your books organized effortlessly with a two-way sync between your Veem account and your preferred accounting software.

Automatic payment reconciliation
Veem seamlessly updates bill status to paid in your accounting software once payments are received.

Real-time bill sync
Initiate a payment from within Veem, and a corresponding bill and vendor profile will automatically be created in your accounting software.

Automated payment reminders
Veem will send out automatic reminders to customers by email before and after the payment is due to ensure that you get paid on time.

Custom approval structure
Streamline processes and gain visibility into approval workflows for your team and your client with customized roles and permissions.

Transparency and security

Trusted by 500k customers in over 100 countries, be confident with a secure payments platform that’s SOC2 certified and PCI-DSS compliant.


Payment tracking
Know exactly where your payments are with detailed tracking that you can see. Get time stamps and detailed reporting so you know when you are going to get paid.

Veem’s security
You and your clients can rest easy knowing that Veem has established security controls required under SOC2, PCI-DSS and follows strict information security policies throughout our verified network and multi-factor authentication. Read more about our security here.

24/7 customer support
Get the service you deserve with world-class, multilingual support 24/7 via chat, email, and phone. Our dedicated support representatives are ready to answer your questions, help with payment needs, and more.