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Send International or Domestic Payments

Send money to over 90 countries in local currencies, free of charge, with global exchange rates that beat banks and Paypal every-time

Don’t want to convert your International USD payments into local currency? No problem. For a flat $20 fee paid by the Receiver, you can make your payments in USD

For all payments within the US, you pay just $1

Stop wasting time and money – Domestic or International just Veem it and know a business is paid

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Receive Payments from any business

Receive payments internationally in a local currency is always $0 in fees

Receive payments internationally from the US and keep them in USD for only $20 – that’s half the cost many banks charge

Invoice any business using our simple invoice tool for $0

And at no cost with every account, personalized pay links that make getting paid easy. Simply send the link to your business partners and receive payments without having to invoice.