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• Partner with Veem to streamline domestic and international contractor payments.
• Become a Veem referral partner or integrate Veem into your platform via APIs – either way, make payments a revenue stream for your business.
• Veem supports real-time contractor payouts to 90 countries.
• Leave the complexity of risk, compliance, and customer support on us.

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Real-Time Contractor Payments

Veem offers a convenient and efficient way to pay contractors in real-time, with support for 90 countries via Instant Deposit.

Streamline your Contractor Payments with Veem’s Mass Pay function

Veem’s Mass Pay function streamlines the payout process for multiple contractors with just one upload of a CSV file. With our customized solution, we’ll ensure timely contractor payouts that align with your objectives. Learn more about Mass Pay here.

Maximizing collaboration for mutual benefit through well-aligned partnerships

Our team will join forces with yours to craft a customized solution that aligns with your objectives and ensures timely contractor payouts.

Licensed and regulated in each state, registered with FinCEN, and SOC2 certified

Ensure the safety of your customers’ transactions with Veem’s robust compliance and security measures. Our dedicated risk and customer support teams manage all aspects of security and compliance for you so you can focus on what matters the most.

The Veem Difference


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