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Virtual Latinos and Veem: Bringing The Global Pay Assist To Virtual Assistants

San Diego, Calif., U.S.A
Customer Since
Since 2022
Company Size
130, plus 1,300+ virtual assistants around the globe
Using Now
Leverage Veem for international payments using the Mass Pay feature
The Veem Effect
Growing with Partners
Veem continues to expand its payment services into new countries, which supports Virtual Latinos’ growth.
Specializing in Competitive International Payments
Not only does Veem deliver industry-leading exchange rates and payment options in U.S. dollars, but it also introduces Mass Pay, which streamlines payment operations to a large number of payees.
Offering Personalized Service
Veem shares custom webinars to support new Virtual Assistant onboarding for Virtual Latinos.
On The Record
"With Veem, we provide an added value to our community and that translates to more business and a win for us."
María Elisa Acero
Chief Experience Officer

When Virtual Latinos, an American staffing agency, sourcing top virtual talent from Latin America, faced explosive growth following the COVID pandemic, the company sought a payments partner to help streamline, expedite, and support more cost-effective payment operations. With more than 1,300 global virtual assistants (VAs) to pay on a biweekly basis, the company needed a solution that both produced internal efficiencies and supported seamless international payments. That’s where Veem entered the picture.

“The Veem platform, in general, is user-friendly, but the company was willing to go a step further and support us in educating our community and onboarding them,” reflected María Elisa Acero, Chief Experience Officer at Virtual Latinos. “That was a huge differentiator.”

With Veem’s support, it wasn’t long before Virtual Latinos was issuing upwards of 500 payments per month via its Mass Pay solution—and that number continues to grow.

“Mass Pay has helped us expedite timing for payroll, and that’s been a game changer,” shared Acero. “Not all payment platforms can provide that.”

Addressing the competitive landscape

But beyond internal efficiencies, Veem brought with it customer-facing attributes that supported Virtual Latinos and their VAs. For instance, Veem already covered substantial portions of Central America, a key region for Virtual Latinos, with its payments reach, which made utilizing Veem simple for both the company and its VAs. As an added bonus, Veem also offered highly competitive exchanges rates for all of the countries Virtual Latinos served, meaning more of a VA’s pay went directly into their account.

“The excellent exchange rates create a huge advantage for Virtual Latinos,” Acero noted. “It’s been crucial to us as a differentiator because we can offer better rates than our competitors. It also benefits our VAs directly and gives them a reason to choose Veem over other payment methods.”

Attracting top talent

Virtual Latinos pays its VAs in U.S. dollars, a value proposition greatly appreciated by its network and a chief selling point for the agency. In countries where currency can be volatile, getting paid in U.S. dollars is a crucial factor because it produces income stability.

“For example, in Columbia, currency values fluctuate so much. The fact that our VAs know they can move money into their bank accounts seamlessly is an excellent value proposition, and it ignites the partnership between Veem and Virtual Latinos,” Acero summed up.

Five-star customer service

And that relationship thrives because of dedicated Veem support. When it comes to onboarding new VAs to the platform, Veem acts as the lead educator, helping ensure that those working with Virtual Latinos fully understand the benefits of the product and how to best leverage it for success. That added customer service infuses trust by VAs

“Veem has an openness to educating our community through webinars,” shared Acero. “This has added a level of trust; our VAs feel that there’s a human on the other end, one who cares about them and is very approachable. That level of service—it’s five-star.”

In addition, Veem regularly develops promotional opportunities to encourage Virtual Latinos’ VAs to onboard. These campaigns introduce rebates if VAs join the Veem platform in a certain timeframe. By encouraging more participation on the Veem network, the payment process for Virtual Latinos simplifies and Veem grows—a win/win scenario for both organizations.

“Veem has initiated one-time discounts for VAs that open their accounts within a certain amount of time,” Acero indicated. “It helps bring more people into the payment offering and supplies added value to the community.”

In addition, having a team at their disposal provides peace of mind for if and when any payment issues arise.

“Over the nearly two years we’ve worked with Veem, we barely had any issues,” said Acero. “But when they happened, we had someone to lend clarity and help us solve them immediately. The time to response has been great, and we’re able to give our VAs confidence in the outcome.”

Continuing to expand

While Virtual Latinos already oversees an extensive network throughout most of Latin America, the company is not one to rest on its laurels. So, as it continues to expand its pool of VAs and the countries in which it operates, Veem grows alongside it, as a true partner helping to fuel continued development.

“Veem is starting to open in other countries to serve our needs, and they are willing to expand services to help us grow,” said Acero. “It speaks well of Veem, and we will both benefit from this increased reach.”

About Veem

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