Connect Your Veem Account To Xero


Simple Meets Beautiful:

Veem integrates with Xero

Global payments straight from your accounting software.

The Veem connector for Xero is designed for users who are looking for a simple way to pay around the globe. Veem offers a fee free option to send money to over 60 countries. Payments can be set up on Xero and approved with one click on Veem – eliminating double entries and allowing bookkeepers to prepare payments on their clients’ behalf. Take advantage of this new way of simplifying global business payments today!

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Xero Integration


Enter bills into Xero

Enter your bills the way you always do it in Xero.

Login to your Veem account for a 1-click approval

You will notice a new “Xero” tab in your Veem dashboard.

Auto post into Xero

Once paid, Veem automatically updates the bill status to “paid” in Xero.


Accountants and their customers interested in joining the beta program must be QuickBooks Online and Veem users and make an international payment in at least one country serviced by Veem. We appreciate your feedback and want to be mindful of your time. We will ask you to do at least one payment in the system using the QuickBooks Online interface. Feed-back will be collected by filling out a 10-minute online survey and a subsequent 20 minute one on one call.

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