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Use our SWIFT/BIC Code Lookup Tool to quickly find the correct SWIFT/BIC code for any bank .

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What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT codes are a type of Bank Identification Code (BIC) used for international wire transfers. These 8-11 character long codes allow banks to identify financial institutions when transferring money between banks.

SWIFT codes broken down:

  • Bank Code: This is a unique four-character alphabetical identifier that represents your financial institution. It comprises a combination of letters (A-Z).
  • Country Code: The following two characters indicate the bank’s location country.
  • Location Code (Optional): An extra two characters, if present, specify the city.
  • Branch Code (Optional): Final 3 characters specifying the branch of a bank, not always included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SWIFT or Bank Identifier Code (BIC)?

A Bank Identifier Code, also known as a BIC or SWIFT code, is a unique identification code for a specific bank or financial institution. It’s crucial for identifying banks during international transactions.

How Do I Find My Bank's SWIFT/BIC?

Simply use our SWIFT/BIC Lookup Tool above. Select the country, select the city, select the bank and you’ll receive the Bank Identifier Code instantly.

Are SWIFTSwift/Bank Identifier Codes the Same Worldwide?

No, each bank has its own unique SWIFT/Bank Identifier Code. It’s vital to use the correct code for your specific bank to ensure successful transactions.

How to Use the SWIFT/BIC Lookup Tool

Select the country, select the city, select the bank and you’ll receive the Bank Identifier Code instantly.

Benefits of Using SWIFT/Bank Identifier Codes
  • Efficiency in Transactions: SWIFT/BICs ensure that your funds reach their intended destination promptly.
  • Accurate Routing: Avoid delays and misdirection of funds by using the correct Bank Identifier Code.
  • Global Accessibility: Veem’s extensive network ensures confident transactions worldwide.