Veem partners with AutoEntry to eliminate data entry from platform

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Accountants and bookkeepers go from invoice to payment in a matter of minutes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 8, 2018 — Veem, the first global payments platform to use blockchain, today announced a partnership with AutoEntry, the automated data entry software provider. The two companies will work together to deliver a seamless experience from invoice to payment, saving businesses time and money.

“AutoEntry is on the cutting edge of invoice technology, making it easy for businesses to upload documents directly into their accounting software from their phones or email,” said Olivier Veyrac, VP of Business Development at Veem. “At Veem, we use technology to simplify global payments. With AutoEntry, it will take just three clicks from invoice to paid, it doesn’t get much easier than that.”

AutoEntry customers are able to upload documents, individually or in batches, by uploading a photo or sending an email. The data is entered directly into Quickbooks or Xero, eliminating human entry errors. Once uploaded to the accounting software, it is as simple as clicking a button to pay an invoice in seconds. With Veem, customers can send payment to 60 countries across the globe in local currencies with no wire fees.

“We love how easy it is to use Veem and that the payment capabilities are already integrated into the accounting platforms we work with,” said Brendan Woods, Founder and CEO at AutoEntry. “We have similar visions for the future of business – a future where it’s easy to get things done and time isn’t wasted on some of the more straightforward tasks like data entry.”

Veem currently integrates with Netsuite, Quickbooks and Xero and has an API available for any other accounting software solution that would benefit from global payment capabilities.

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