Veem is coming to Xerocon San Diego!

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Get excited, cloud accounting leaders: June 17-19 is Xerocon time. For three days, thought leaders and industry professionals including Xero’s partners and customers, take over the beautiful city of San Diego to talk about accounting, innovation, and technology.

For us at Veem, Xerocon 2019 will mark a new milestone for our accounting partnership. While we’ve been a valued app partner of Xero for two years now, this is the first time Veem will be presenting at Xerocon as exhibitors, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We have a great experience working with accountants and businesses through our Xero app. We know how valuable our customers’ time and money is, which is why we’re committed to making payments as seamless, cost-effective, secure, and simple as possible.

Over the past two years, our app helped countless small businesses and accountants execute domestic and global payments directly from their Xero account. If you’re using our app, you already know all that. But if you haven’t tried it yet, see what our existing customers, like Jillian Plank, think of us:

“In addition to a user-friendly interface and exceptional support, Veem actually solved a problem my clients were facing on a daily basis. They needed to make fast international payments without huge wire fees, and Veem has proven to deliver that solution. It takes me about 1/4 the time I used to spend setting up wires, and I haven’t had to spend any time thinking about the integration with Xero, which is exactly what I want in my Xero apps!”

Our Xero customers are very valuable to us, and we’re very happy to finally meet you all face-to-face.

Throughout the three days of the conference, our team will be ready and waiting for you at the Veem booth. Come and meet the people behind our fantastic integration. It’s your chance to ask any questions, share your opinion, or simply put a face to a name. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas about our platform.

Your stories inspire us to become even better at what we do. Feel free to share your vision for your business with us, and what we can do to help you succeed.

To show our appreciation for our customers, we’ll be hosting 2 giveaways at our booth. Stay tuned for more information about prizes, and how to win them. We know we can’t wait.

See you at Xerocon!