Veem introduces enhanced integration with Xero accounting software

2 min read

Imagine making a grocery list, and after buying the ingredients for a meal, writing each item down as you put it in the fridge. Sounds like an inefficient, inaccurate, and bizarre method of grocery shopping, right?

Yet many small business owners manage their books in a similar way. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are spending valuable time re-entering invoice and payment data into disconnected applications.

Disconnected applications for payments and invoicing creates confusion, inefficiencies, security problems, and more work for small business owners.

Now, Veem’s enhanced integration with Xero lets businesses reconcile payments simply, securely, and all in one place. Xero users can natively select Veem as a payment service option within the Xero interface.

Built for business, Veem’s simplified experience allows for real-time tracking of invoices and payments, multi-level payment approval, synchronized reconciliation between apps, and the ability to manage multiple vendors and clients.

Veem’s transparent network brings accountability to the payment process, so users will know exactly when Xero invoices are paid.

Why Veem?

Save time

Veem seamlessly connects invoices and payments, saving users time and headaches. With Veem, businesses can forget about dual-entry and won’t have to worry about lost invoices.

Introduce security and transparency to your payment process

Veem’s real-time payment tracking provides peace of mind.

Veem never requires parties on the network to share personal bank information with one another. This increases security on both sides of the payment process while mitigating fraud attempts.

Setting up is simple

After logging in to your Veem account, select Connect to Xero under the Integrations menu.

The next time you create an invoice in Xero, select Veem Payments as your option. Or, your payer can select Pay with Veem.

Neither you nor business contacts need to change anything about how you invoice in Xero or how they handle payments in Veem.

Best of all, this feature is free for all Veem users in North America. Spend less time on your books, and more time on your small business with Veem and Xero.