Veem announces first round of API partners

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From virtual reality platforms to accounting software, Veem corners the international business payments market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 21, 2018 — Following the successful launch of Veem‘s, API in late 2017, the first global payments platform to use blockchain, is proud to highlight the initial group of partners integrating global payment capabilities into their offerings. Veem’s API is easy to use and can be integrated with any type of technology platform. The first companies to use the API demonstrate just that by integrating with accounting software, hiring platforms and even virtual reality companies.

“We knew our API would be useful for companies of all kinds in need of global payment capabilities but even we were surprised to see the variety of companies that found Veem and started to build using our API.” said Cheung Tam, Vice President of API Product at Veem. “We’re just a couple of months post-launch and the success we’ve seen has been inspiring.”

From Veem’s First API Partners:

Jason Ting, Director of Operations, Cargocentric

“We were using Veem even before the API was available. Our software facilitates and brings transparency to international logistics. This includes calculating and advancing fees such as freight, duties and taxes. Veem has allowed our customers a way to easily and quickly pay these fees. Once we fully integrate with Veem’s API, it will make the payment process even easier. ”

Maria Delos Reyes, Managing Partner, EliteWork

“Veem has significantly simplified our monthly payments process, and we have only integrated it into a portion of our payments system so far. We look forward to fully integrating Veem into the EliteWork platform so that we can offer direct access to a cheaper and faster alternative to PayPal for all our virtual workers.”

Tina Wang, Head of Product, HireAthena

“We are ramping up our international payment processing and found that our domestic solution wasn’t working on a global level. It took too long for payments to arrive so we ended up processing and tracking most international payments manually. This just wasn’t something we could scale so we were excited to find Veem and integrate with their API so that international payments are easy, instant and aligned with our best practices.”

Matthew Hall, Chief Technology Officer at SpringboardVR

“We were about to launch our VR commercial licensing platform and needed an easy way to pay our content partners. We started working with another payments vendor but it became incredibly challenging to get it up and running. Veem met our key requirements by having a broad list of countries supported and being easy to use for both our team and our content partners.”

The API became available in November 2017 enabling companies to add the ability to send payments directly from their software. In coming months, Veem will be adding additional capabilities including the option to request a payment and receive a payment.

With developers in mind, Veem will be hosting meetups in San Francisco and Ottawa. The events will be open to any developer interested in learning more about Veem and starting to build with the payment API. To learn more or sign up for notifications, please visit:

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