Veem and Zapier: fully integrated payments at your fingertips

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Veem, the global payments network built for businesses, is proud to announce its comprehensive integration with Zapier, allowing businesses and contractors to automate their payment processes, easily and efficiently. 

How the Veem Zap helps your business

Veem saves businesses time and money by facilitating effortless, trackable, and cost-effective payments. Through our application programming interface (API)  and existing integrations with popular accounting platforms like Xero, NetSuite, and QuickBooks, Veem has enabled over 150,000 businesses to streamline their payments processes.

Now with Zapier, businesses and contractors on the Veem network can pay, get paid and add new business contacts using over 1,500 of their favorite applications including Harvest, Salesforce, and GSuite.

Each “Zap” creates a connection between Veem and another application, allowing each platform to work seamlessly and automatically together.

Disconnected applications often result in repeated entries, information loss, and the need to make manual data updates – costing businesses a significant amount of effort.

Integrating business applications with Zapier removes the need for arduous data entry. When a task is complete in any application, Zapier will automatically ensure that all related applications are updated with the necessary information (i.e. all the new things that occurred in the original app), enabling seamless workflows and operations.

With the Veem Zap, businesses can further automate their payment processes, decreasing the possibility for mistakes and increasing productivity. 

“I think it’s fantastic. Now, it doesn’t matter what accounting system my client is using, I can build an automation so they can use Veem. Plus, I can now customize any notification emails that are sent to my customers. It gives me more flexibility and autonomy in how I communicate with my customers, regardless of whether or not I’m working with a third-party platform.” -Heather Satterly, Satterley Training & Consulting, LLC

How it works

The Veem Zap creates triggers and actions. Once a payment status is updated, that information will reflect in real-time with the 1,500 + Zaps available – including accounting software, budgeting and forecasting tools, payroll applications, and customer relationship management platforms. 

Veem updates other systems when a business sends a payment, receives a payment, or creates a new contact in their payment network. 

When a business sends or receives a payment through Veem, Zapier will trigger workflows in related applications to update their data. 

And any payment-related event, for example hours logged to a time-sheet, will trigger a payment request in Veem. Businesses can also connect Veem to calendars, task managers, and more. 

Use Cases

How does this work in practice? The Veem Zap takes your Harvest time sheets and converts them into Veem Invoices that can be paid directly on our network. Or, whenever a sales order is activated in Salesforce, payment requests are sent through Veem. Businesses can also import Google Sheets and Gmail contacts to Veem to pay suppliers or vendors quickly and easily.

Veem offers fast, easy, trackable, and affordable payments to businesses all over the world. Veem’s mission is to revolutionize the legacy financial payment system using disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, and build a new user-centric financial ecosystem that services global businesses in their international endeavors.