Veem announces Zapier integration to further streamline payments, open up to new platforms

4 min read

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Zap! We want to first thank Zapier for giving us this opportunity, and working with us to create the best integration for both our customers, and Zapier users.

At Veem, we believe this is a huge step in our network’s ability to expand to new platforms, and create uses and opportunities for Veem that we couldn’t have imagined without this partnership. This was a major effort by the development team here at Veem and at Zapier, and we want to thank everyone involved in making this happen.

Now, the fun stuff.

As a celebration of this news, we partnered with the Accounting Salon to put on a Zapped Challenge. To win, participants needed to create a working Zap that used Veem’s functionality (along with another Zapier integrated app, Dear Inventory) to ease the payments process, and impress the judges.

Heather Satterly was one of the participants. An accomplished accounting professional and self-described “tech-tinkerer,” Heather was eager to get her hands on Veem’s Zap and see what she, and the integration, could do.

“The set-up was great. The mapping went fine, it was a great experience. Everything I needed was exposed to the API which made it super easy.”

Heather not only created a great combination, but also gave some fantastic feedback that our team used to develop the Veem Zap even further. She suggested new triggers and functionalities that would make her particular Zap work a little smoother, which is exactly what we were looking for in this competition.

Her winning combination was obviously impressive as well.

“We wrote the Zap in Dear Inventory for our invoicing process. We created an invoice in Dear, used some of the functionality within Dear to fully automate the process. Veem came in when the invoice was approved, which triggered the invoice to go to Veem. When that happened, the customer was added to Veem with the invitation for them to sign up for an account, with the invoice being added to Veem.”

If you’re impressed now, that’s just the first part.

“What we had to do then was use the Veem API to get the invoice ID, using a built-in app called Storage by Zapier. We then created a sale in Dear, it was authorized, and it requested the payment, pulling the payment request ID that matched the sale ID in Dear.”

Heather mentioned that if she had the time, she would’ve used the multi-currency feature in Veem’s Zap.

“If I were working with an international customer and using the Zap outside of this competition, I would absolutely use this feature. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s all right there in front of you.”

After completing the challenge, we asked Heather what she thought about Veem’s Zapier integration from a workflow perspective, and whether or not she’d use it day-to-day.

“I think it’s fantastic. Now, it doesn’t matter what accounting system my client is using, I can build an automation so they can use Veem. Plus, I can now customize any notification emails that are sent to my customers. It gives me more flexibility and autonomy in how I communicate with my customers, regardless of whether or not I’m working with a third-party platform.”

Heather was so impressed by the integration, and with a chat she had with a team member here at Veem, that she actually decided to become a Veem user after the challenge was complete.

“I had kind of decided before, but the timing of the challenge just made it all make sense. Now I have it in my toolbelt, and when I work with clients I can confidently recommend it as a solution. I love Veem because it doesn’t matter what accounting platform I’m using, and the international payments process is seamless.”

We want to formally thank Heather Satterley for participating in the Accounting Salon Zapped challenge and congratulate her finishing in first place with her winning invoice workflow!. We not only got some amazing feedback, but we gained an amazing customer as well.

Thanks as well to the Accounting Salon for hosting this event. If you’re interested in the Veem & Zapier partnership, keep your eyes open for a more formal launch coming in the next few months.

If you’re interested in trying our Veem’s zap, head over to https://zapier.com/apps/veem/integrations and check out our zap templates to get ideas on how you can start automating your payments workflow today!