Announcing SDKs for Veem’s Global Payments API

1 min read

We are excited to announce the launch of multiple SDKs to help developers get started with the Veem Global Payments API. Even better: They’re all open source!

By taking advantage of our simple SDK interface, developers can easily access the Veem Global Payments API while leaving HTTP, JSON, and OAuth token handling to the SDK.


With 9 million Java developers world-wide, Java and other JVM languages such as Kotlin and Scala are the go-to languages for everything from web services to mobile apps. With our new Java SDK, Veem’s Global Payments network can easily be integrated into anything from your Android apps to your Spring web services.

Visit the Veem Java SDK repository to get started.


Since 2009, JavaScript has been gaining traction in server-side development through Node.js. Given its popularity and growth, a Veem SDK for Node.js is a great way to bring the power of Veem’s Global Payments Network to more developers.

Visit the Veem Node.js SDK repository to get started.