Announcing Veem’s Local Spotlight: Nashville

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Building locally to bridge global business

Veem is proud to announce its Local Feature of Nashville, Tennessee. We’re teaming with DevDigital, a web-development company based in the Music City, to promote our partnership and shared mission: to help grow the little guy from local to global.

We’re partnering with small businesses around the world to highlight the work they’re doing to build their communities, help businesses like theirs, and grow their own operations. By connecting with small businesses in particular communities, we hope to promote finance solutions to all businesses and their international partners, all while shedding light on these growing hubs for technology and entrepreneurship.

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What’s a “Local Spotlight?”

For each Local Spotlight, we interview small business owners and their teams to learn about their backgrounds, passions, quirks, and reasons for using Veem. We use this information to write customer stories, whitepapers, blogs, and even to help the Veem Team delve into the small business environment of each particular city.

It’s our way of getting into the same headspace as our small business customers and partners. We also use their feedback to improve our product and service.

The ultimate goal of the Local Spotlight is to build a trusting network of businesses.

Why Nashville?

Veem recently teamed with DevDigital, a web development company based in Nashville, TN as our first Local Spotlight candidate.

With its hand in so many industries, Nashville is an unlikely center for entrepreneurs. But, in fact, Nashville ranks 19th in the country for small businesses, according to a new study by CNBC.

A well-known nucleus for music, restaurants, and health care, Nashville is among the top cities in the US for tech industry small businesses. It’s a gravitational force for startups and entrepreneurs.

DevDigital is a Nashville business helping grow other Nashville small businesses. They’re helping the community grow by building their peers’ online presence and helping them scale.

Debby Dickens, CFO and Partner of DevDigital, says herself, “Nashville is growing like crazy.” Many of Nashville’s developing companies require a website, which is where DevDigital comes in. Plus, they all need a reliable and affordable payments platform, which is where Veem comes in.

DevDigital is a global business, with global aspirations. While Nashville remains their priority headquarters, a major part of their team works overseas. Before Veem, Debby found managing payroll and finances extremely difficult.

Toward mutual goals

Like Veem, DevDigital works to promote and expand the potential of small businesses so they can continue to do what they do best.

Help us celebrate small business growth by welcoming DevDigital to Veem’s Local Spotlight Program. See how they started and have continued to help businesses with their digital needs. DevDigital recognizes the value of trust for entrepreneurs. Want to understand why they trust Veem with their payments?

Veem's partnering with businesses to help tell their stories in our Local Spotlight series.

DevDigital, a small business in Nashville, is helping to develop the business community in the US and around the world.

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Up and coming to a city near you

Look forward to more Local Spotlight stories in the future, featuring exciting new businesses from across the US. We might be in your backyard next.