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Manage all of your payments, domestic and international, without the complicated processes and high fees.

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Avoid paying thousands in monthly fees

Veem’s global payment solution provides you with all of the same features and automation you love but at a fraction of the cost. No per user fees!



Platform Fee   Free   $79 / month

Domestic Wire Transfers   Free   $1 / transaction

Sending International Payments   100+ countries   US Only

Multi-Rail Technology   Available   Unavailable


Unlimited free domestic bank transfers

Per transaction fees can add up quickly. Save with our Premium Plan and get unlimited free domestic bank transfers. No transaction or payment limits!

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Easily migrate from Bill to Veem with no disruption to your current process. Mass upload all of your billing contacts or effortlessly import all of your contacts from your accounting software.

The power to pay how you want

Veem uses its unique Multi-Rail Technology to provide you with flexible payment and currency options in over 100 countries, including speed of transaction.

  • Local Bank Partners: Veem works with local payment and bank partners to provide quicker and cheaper ways to send and receive money internationally, at much better rates than your bank.
  • Debit and Credit Cards: Leverage the convenience of cards to pay with your Visa and Mastercard. Pay any bills by debit or credit, even if the business you are paying doesn’t accept cards.
  • Veem Wallet: Send and receive USD globally at no cost with your Wallet. Hold funds for as long as you want and withdraw in your local currency when the exchange rate is optimal.

Free your back office from tedious tasks

Designed with simplicity in mind, Veem allows you to automate payments using the same features you love, with an easy and effortless set up process.

  • Unlimited users with roles and permissions: Connect the entire team securely and streamline the approval process. No per user fees.
  • Recurring payments: Set-up payments once and confidently pay on time, every time.
  • Mass contractor payouts: Send 10 to 1,000 bulk payments with just a click.
  • Automated approval workflows: Configure approvals for your workflow and save time.
  • Payment tracker: Get real-time visibility to your payments.
  • Automatic reconciliation: Reduce errors and eliminate dual data entry when you sync with your accounting software.

See why customers love Veem!

How Soul of Nomad saved $10,000+ in International Payments

The savings were drastic, and we saved at least $10,000 on transfers. Over the long run and with our continued use of Veem, that amounts to a lot of savings.

How Ace Marks saved $120,000 in foreign exchange fees alone

By switching to Veem, Ace Marks earned a more competitive foreign exchange rate, saving the company an estimated $120,000 since joining.

How TYME Global Technologies reduced costs by $6K each month

Veem enabled TYME Global Technologies to save $6 on each of their contractor payments, resulting in savings of $6,000 each month since their account creation.

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