Simplified Guide on How to Receive International Wire Transfers

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Receiving International Wire Transfers

In today’s global economy, international wire transfers have become a common means of sending and receiving funds. Whether you’re receiving payments from clients or family members abroad, knowing how to receive wire transfers is essential. However, the process can be confusing, especially if you’re new to it. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to receive international wire transfers step-by-step through your bank or financial institution.

Understanding International Wire Transfers

Before diving into the process of receiving international wire transfers, it’s essential to understand what they are. International wire transfers are electronic transfers of funds from one bank to another, which involves a complex network of intermediaries. The funds are transferred in foreign currency and can take several business days to arrive.

Requirements for Receiving International Wire Transfers

Depending on your payment provider, the information you need to complete an international wire transfer may vary. For instance, all you need to send an international payment with Veem is an email address. However, generally speaking, to receive international wire transfers, you’ll need the following:

  • A bank account that can receive wire transfers: Not all bank accounts can receive wire transfers, so ensure that your account is set up for this purpose.
  • SWIFT code: This is a unique code that identifies your bank globally. You’ll need to provide the SWIFT code to the sender to initiate the transfer.
  • Account number: You’ll also need to provide your account number to the sender. Ensure that you provide the correct account number to avoid delays or lost funds.
  • Bank’s physical address: Some banks require their physical address to receive wire transfers, so check with your bank to confirm this.

If the wrong information is entered, the transfer will be rejected, and you will have to resubmit the transaction, which means any fees associated with that process will need to be paid again. You also might have to wait for your funds to clear because they will return back into your account before you can use them again. Make sure to check out these common mistakes to avoid when using SWIFT Codes to minimize disruptions to your payment process.

Steps for Receiving International Wire Transfers

Provide the sender with your bank details
To initiate an international wire transfer, the sender will need your bank details. Provide them with your bank’s name, SWIFT code, account number, and any other details required by your bank.

Confirm the details with your bank
After the sender initiates the transfer, confirm the details with your bank to ensure that everything is correct. Mistakes in bank details can lead to delays or loss of funds.

Wait for the funds to arrive
International wire transfers can take several business days to arrive. Monitor your bank account for any incoming funds regularly.

Fees for Receiving International Wire Transfers
It’s no secret that bank exchange rates aren’t the greatest. Banks markup rates to cover their costs, including operational expenses, hedging risks, and to make a profit. Avoid over spending on your international payments by requesting free international wire transfers with Veem.

Unlike banks with antiqued systems, Veem gives you and your clients access to competitive foreign exchange rates and allows users to track your funds in real-time. Get time stamps and detailed reporting so you know exactly when you are going to get paid.

The Veem Difference

You have options
Veem allows you to receive funds with or without an account. This means that you can have your sender initiate a payment to you, and either set up an account, or receive your payment as a guest. Alternatively, you can also provide all your details to your sender, have them use our Pay Direct feature, so no work at all is needed on your end.

End-to-end tracking
At Veem we want to take the guesswork out of receiving payments. No more waiting games with no clue where your money is. We offer real time payment tracking on all payments when setting up a Veem account with us.

No fixed fees
When you decide to receive your funds in your local currency, we charge no fixed fees at all. All you need to consider is the Foreign exchange rate! If you’d like to receive USD internationally, consider using our Veem Wallet to avoid fees.

Payment Requests
Make sure you’re getting paid properly. Veem gives you the freedom to request payments in multiple ways. Send a simple request, build branded digital invoices, or use your individual PayLink. You can even set up recurring invoices if needed.


Receiving international wire transfers can be a convenient way to receive funds from abroad. However, it’s essential to understand the process and the requirements involved. By following the steps outlined above, you can receive international wire transfers with ease. Ready to let Veem help you receive your first international wire transfer? Get started today!



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