How To Invoice Someone in Australia

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Australia is home to a burgeoning tech scene and a healthy economy that frequently contributes to the broader global economic landscape. But, due to higher cost of living and greater expenses, many Aussie companies and consumers look abroad to find the goods and services they need at more competitive rates. United States companies are often the recipients of this business, for many obvious reasons.

Whether you’re rendering a service to an Australian company or need to bill for goods provided, there’s always a question of payment to consider. Learning how to invoice someone in Australia is important knowledge because without it, even a simple transaction can turn into a tribulation.

Here’s a closer look at how to invoice someone in Australia and the necessary steps companies should take to ensure payment that’s simple, accurate and expedient.

Information needed to generate an invoice

Before you can send an invoice, you need to make sure you’re providing the recipient with all the important data they need to make a payment. While it’s important to cite the amount owed and a detailed list of goods or services, there’s actually a wide breadth of critical information that needs to go on an invoice. Here’s a look at the basics:

  • The issue date, payment due date and NET terms
  • Sender and recipient names and contact information
  • A unique and identifiable invoice number (for auditing)
  • The full amount due for the products or services being invoiced
  • A description of the scope of work being invoiced
  • Approved modes of payment and/or ways to pay the invoice

One additional consideration is currency. Sending an invoice to someone in Australia means accounting for the local currency the recipient will pay with—the Australian Dollar (AUD) in this instance. Adjust the invoice using a set exchange rate and make a note of this rate somewhere on the invoice for posterity’s sake.

Use data capture technology for paper invoices

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to mail a paper invoice all the way to Australia. Instead, many businesses are turning to digital invoices. Yet, they might still have paper invoices in the office. The solution? Platforms like Veem rely on image capture and machine learning to digitize paper invoices. Just scan the invoice and drop it into the system, and watch as the data is converted to a digital invoice that’s ready to send. Best of all, it creates a much-needed electronic paper trail and simplifies both sending and receipt.

Create pay links and payment requests

Like many digital payment platforms, Veem takes simplified invoicing a step further. Through Pay Links, businesses can send an invoice to someone in Australia via a simple link that allows them to pay with just a couple of clicks. Drop the link into an email, send it via a messaging app text it directly to the recipient for maximum convenience.

The beauty of Pay Links is that they’re accessible and ubiquitous. With the digital invoice all mocked up and the payment options right there to choose from, there aren’t any obstacles standing between the recipient and your payment.

Don’t forget to integrate!

The final leg of the journey comes when the recipient pays their invoice. When they do, that money needs to go somewhere—preferably right into your business’ bank account, with a bookkeeping transaction to account for it. To do this in a hassle-free way, you’ll need to explore integrations with popular bookkeeping software like QuickBooks or Xero. Simple automations will make sure that as soon as the funds transfer is initiated, you’ll capture it and account for it accordingly in your accounts receivable ledger. The less human intervention, the better!

Using Veem to invoice someone in Australia

Ready to send an invoice to someone in Australia? There’s no simpler way than through Veem. With robust features to create sophisticated digital invoices and the power to automate incoming payments, Veem helps businesses eliminate the obstacles that can accompany international payments. From Pay Links to bookkeeping automations, start-to-finish invoicing has never been easier for both sender and recipient, payer and payee.

Ready to create, customize and manage your invoices like never before? Schedule a demo with Veem today and learn how to make invoicing the easiest part of doing business abroad.



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