7 Spanish Phrases to Help You Do Business in Mexico

Learning a new language can be a great way to expand your cultural palette. However, languages aren’t just for impressing your friends. It allows you to truly experience a nation’s culture, and makes traveling a breeze. But it’s also a daunting task, and websites that offer training services or popular phrases tend to stick to the bases like “hello,” “goodbye,” and “where’s the bathroom?”

If you’re planning to take your business international you’re probably going to need more than just hello and goodbye. Here are seven easy to learn phrases for conducting business in Mexico, and other Spanish speaking nations.

Estoy en ello

I’m on it: A positive, go-getter type attitude is always valuable in business operations. If you want to let your Spanish-speaking business partners know that you’re on top of things, this is a great conversational phrase to throw out there.

Pongámonos manos a la obra

Let’s get to work. Though conversation in Mexico is known for its lax, informal tones, sometimes you need to get down to business. This phrase, while a bit aggressive, shows initiative, and shows your business partners that you’re ready to make a deal. Be sure to use a light tone so you don’t scare off your Mexican counterparts.

¿Cómo está su familia?

How is your family? Don’t mind the double question marks, that’s common in Spanish. They’re only there to make sure that you are using a questioning tone when using this phrase. Mexican business generally takes place after lengthy small talk. To make sure you’re acing it, ask about family. Plus it proves that you’re interested more than just business.

Tiene experiencia en eso

He/she has experience with these things: If you’re traveling with a colleague or partner, especially if they are not a Spanish speaker, it’s important to include them in the conversation. This phrase both includes your associate, and establishes his or her business credentials.

Gracias por su interés en nuestra empresa

Thank you for your interest in our company: When speaking with a supplier in Mexico, it’s important to establish your gratitude for the opportunity to work with them. Though you may be considering other options, phrases like this will make exporters feel valued, and a vital part of your transaction.

¿Cómo se utilizará nuestro producto?

How will our product be used? When exporting to Mexico, or any nation, it is important to be aware of how the products you’re exporting will be used once they’re in the country. Certain products require this information for documentation purposes, and failure to answer it can have legal ramifications. Inviting your partner to explain this in their native language avoids any miscommunication.

¿Cómo debemos gestionar los pagos?

How should we manage the payments? Use this when you’re ready to get down to logistics. This information is vital when exporting or importing with Mexico. A strong handle on your finances, including sending payments and receiving payments, is key to keep things running smoothly when you’re doing business internationally. Though it seems a bit forward, a sound understanding of how payments will work is critical to the success of your business relationships. Keep your business partners happy by arranging your payments on time and using a method you trust.

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