Customer Stories

Veem helps American Credit Union delight their customers with payments



Honua Hawaiian Skincare doubled their revenue by simplifying their global payments

With the help of Veem’s global payments network, Honua Hawaiian Skincare could focus more on marketing, and less on financials.


Cargocentric’s manifest for a simpler supply chain: A customer story

Jason Ting is the Director of Operations at Cargocentric, an international logistics company. Their work involves the physical movement of bulk freight from country to country, including government and border-compliance.


Finding success in a culture of excess: the story of XS Supply

Humble beginnings Tyler Berger didn’t think he’d ever get involved in the medical industry. “I was 19 and working a job that paid $10 an hour,” he says, reminiscing. “When my now-wife and I realized we were expecting a baby, I knew I had to change my life.” Spurred on by this urge to improve […]


Business financials come full circle with Bookkeeper360

Nick Pasquarosa started in business young, completing his first tax return at just sixteen. He founded Bookkeeper360 in 2010 while working as a local bookkeeper. But after getting sick of traveling to clients, and being stuck in traffic all day, he decided to partner with Xero in 2012. He recognized the potential for a busines…


Music to our ears: Erik Steigen’s amazing journey from Norway to LA

As a young boy, Erik Steigen was in love with music. He played in bands in his native Norway as a teenager and was determined to follow his passion as an adult. When he was old enough to go to college, there was no doubt about what he had to do. He applied to the […]