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How to do business in Taiwan

Taiwan has the largest economy and population outside of the United Nations. With Taiwan’s smart cities and smartphone penetration, it’s clear that China’s political stance is the only reason why they aren’t a UN member.

Taiwan is one of the four “Asian Tiger” economies, known for rapid industrialization in the 1960s which led to becoming advanced economies. From Taiwan’s growth, it has become a global leader in smart manufacturing.

The China-Taiwan feud hasn’t stopped the US from having a longstanding trade relationship with Taiwan. In fact, 12% of Taiwanese exports were purchased by the US in 2016. Smart manufacturing has propelled Taiwan to the global exporting elite. In 2017, the Taiwanese government invested $2.29 billion in the technology, and plans to surpass Germany and France’s manufacturing in the near future.

Taiwan does manufacturing better and cheaper. Your business needs to reap the benefits of Taiwan’s smart technology. But first, you should read this guide.

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