How to do business in India

India provides hot opportunities for US small businesses. It’s one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, with an average growth of 7% per year. And they’ve recently become a powerhouse in outsourcing opportunities for businesses large and small. This diverse economy offers multiple opportunities for US small businesses to work with Indian suppliers.

Sourcing products from India is a great opportunity for US businesses to get both exotic and everyday goods at very good prices. With the advance of the internet, you’re only a web-search away from finding indispensable supplies at great prices. If you want to cut your operating costs and offer your own goods at a lower price to your customers, sourcing from India is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you’re wishing to cut costs by outsourcing a few business tasks, you can find great offshore workers on the subcontinent.

The ultimate guide to doing business in India

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