Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canadian Market.
Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canada

How to do business in Brazil

Everything you need to know to grow your business in Brazil

Despite a past political climate that has left foreign businesses hesitant, South America's largest country has plenty to offer your business. The Brazilian government has begun changing the country's landscape, with new anti-corruption legislation and a $14-billion investment in infrastructure.

With Brazil's development, more and more Brazilians are becoming introduced to the internet. An ecommerce boom in Brazil has revealed interest in purchasing goods from overseas. And if Brazilians are likely to purchase from foreign businesses, they're also likely to sell products to international buyers.

With the weakness of the Brazilian real, purchasing Brazilian supplies are cheaper than what you can find domestically, giving you the competitive advantage. Since building personal relationships is key to business in Brazil, your business should invest before the competition catches on.

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