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Spend your time running your business, not entering data or paying bills. Save money and increase your efficiency with automatic workflows offered by the Veem Zap. The Veem Zap seamlessly integrates your global business payments to over 1,500 applications, like time tracking tools, accounting software, and CRM platforms. You can use one of our pre-made Zaps, or create your own in a few simple steps and connect Veem to any other application Zapier offers.

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What our clients say about us

Dechel McKillian

Veem has been really easy to use. A no-brainer really. Even when my vendors do something wrong, customer service from Veem has always been great and very fast. Whenever someone runs into a problem, I just contact my account manager. We’ve all been very happy to discover Veem.

Nick Pasquarosa

It’s not enough to do a good job and let our clients outgrow us. We want to stay with them and help them continue to grow, whatever their strategies are. To do that, we need an all encompassing product to help them. That’s what brought us to Veem.

We found Veem so convenient that we’ve started working on integrating it with our system. Whenever a client issues a payment, we’ve taught our software to send them a notice recommending they send the wires through Veem.

The fact that it integrated with QuickBooks was a huge deal for me. It just makes everything so much easier. I scheduled a demo, and immediately I told my clients that we were switching to Veem.

Eric Hebert

With our bank, we were charged anywhere from $25 to $30 per international transfer. With Veem, I’m not charged a cent. And even if I was, I just enjoy the experience of Veem more. It’s easy, streamlined, and I love the direction they’re taking.

We were incredibly impressed from the get go. Veem’s representatives in China made contact with our manufacturer’s CFO, and actually put the deal together as it needed to be. They answered all their questions, and even helped with some manual entry. The experience was just fabulous.

The main thing is that there are no fees. My job is to manage my clients’ finances so being able to save them money is great. Not having to go into a bank branch and send a wire or go through the online process with the bank is also great. Overall it’s just a much better choice.

Tom Udale

When I found Veem, I was just floored. Before them, I was taking at least an hour to send a wire. Now, it takes me five minutes. I save a ton of time, which means I can get other stuff done for the business. For me, that’s the main benefit. Now, I can get stuff done that actually makes me money, and sitting in a waiting room is not one of those things.

It’s been beneficial across all of our vender logistics. By and large, anything I would have done a wire or ACH transfer through the bank on, I go through Veem. Mostly everyone gets it. It’s not so different from what our clients are used to, other than the fees.