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Wolf & Shepherd
Case Study
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Justin Schneider was sick of wearing uncomfortable dress shoes to the office. A former college decathlete and performance shoe designer, he wanted to combine the worlds of fashion and performance for work and play.

Banking Blunders

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High Exchange Rate

6% Above Mid Market
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Too Slow

Average of 1 Week to Arrive
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Paying Blind

Only Notified Upon Arrival

After moving manufacturing operations from Mexico to Portugal, Wolf & Shepherd saw a major increase in sales, and in money lost sending bank wires. Payments arrived late, FX rates varied widely, and nobody had any idea where the money was, or when it would get to where Dan and Justin needed it to.

“Our payments arrive a full day earlier on average than they did with our previous bank. Suppliers are notified when payments are executed, which overall improves communications between us and them. Veem is easy for us and, more importantly, our European partners to use.”

Dan Schoenherr, COO

Clarity and Transparency with Veem

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Competitive FX

Major Time Savings

Major Time Savings



For Wolf & Shepherd to provide the highest-quality shoes possible, Justin and Dan need access to the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers. Without a reliable way to pay, there’s no way the two could’ve made that happen. With Veem, Justin and Dan could establish a trusting relationship with their partners across the Atlantic, and continue creating industry-changing footwear for the office worker on the go.

Saving and Seeing with Veem

Veem eliminates inefficiencies of global payment processes and the problems they cause small businesses. Without the inefficiencies and worry they bring to small businesses, owners can focus on growth and innovation. Time spent trying to diagnose and remedy failed global payments is time wasted that could be spent building your business. Efforts like this hurt productivity and other aspects of your business. By removing the middlemen and owning the global payment process from end to end, we free small businesses to focus on growing their business.

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