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Wink Fasteners
Case Study

In a world where the human sense of self worth is increasingly driven by the urge to replace material things, Janet Winkelman knew she wanted to make a difference. Unlike most , she wanted her business to build products that would last forever.


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Transactions took up to four months
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No personable customer service service
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Exorbitant fees

Fees could have been reinvested

Once Janet began sourcing from South-East Asia, she realised she had to find a permanent solution for paying her international clients. After hearing about Veem, she decided she had nothing to lose. Janet entrusted Veem with her cross-border payments, and the rest was history.

“It’s a beautiful thing because my business partners are notified that the payment is in the works and it takes a couple weeks to order. So the quicker we can let them know that money is on its way through Veem, the quicker they can get this process done because it’s still 6-8 weeks from leaving our supplier to getting through our door. Time is money.”

Janet Winkelman – WinkFast President

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Trustworthy Staff

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For Janet, convenience is important. As a busy company head, she’s responsible for paying her business’ contractors regardless of whether or not she’s sitting at her desk. Veem’s easy and intuitive platform allows her to make important payments from wherever she is so she can get back to running and growing her business.

A Dream Fulfilled

Veem allows small companies to take on big projects by handling international payments that could cripple operations. Despite her small team, Janet has built up a loyal client and supplier base who can rely on her no matter where they are. And thanks to Veem, she never has to let them down.

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