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Totally Booked
Case Study
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In 2015, Kelly Gonsalves started her business, Totally Booked, to provide small business owners with bookkeeping services. Since then, Kelly has helped her clients record and make transactions with their partners at home and overseas.

The Problems with Bank Wires

1/3 of transactions had problems

Late Payments

Take 5 days to Arrive

Cumbersome Paperwork

Unnecessary Paperwork

Copies of invoices and cheques

Lots funds, less money


Cost from $15-$50

Helping clients pay their international partners was more difficult than Kelly liked. Bank wires were expensive, time consuming, and unreliable. They could cost anywhere from $15 to $50 per wire, require unnecessary amounts of paperwork, and take five days to arrive.

“My clients are ecstatic, and I couldn’t be happier. It saves everyone money, and their suppliers appreciate actually being paid on time. They just Veem it.”

Kelly Gonsalves, Owner.

With Veem, you never have to send a wire

Pay in a Day

Pay in a Day


Payments in a Click


Great FX, No Fees

For Kelly, the extra paperwork that goes into a bank wire was becoming too much as her client-base grew. Easy QuickBooks integration was what sold her on Veem. Automated reconciliation makes her job easier, which makes her clients happier.

Better Payments with Veem

Veem helps small businesses succeed with easy, safe, and reliable global payments. We take care of your money so you can get back to growing your business. Kelly and Totally Booked are shining examples of our mission here at Veem. She’s a small business owner helping small business owners succeed and thrive. What’s not to love?

Pay and Get Paid with Us NOW!