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Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

Crowdfunding is all the rage. Lately, ordinary people made headlines by raising money for various noble and creative causes. But is crowdfunding the right way to get financing for your small business?

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Why Are Veem’s Multi-Rail Payments the Best for Your Business

The world of finance used to be ruled by banks. Large financial institutions had the know-how and power to keep all finance processes under their total control. You either kept your money in your bank or under your pillow. End of story.

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The debate over a cashless economy

When’s the last time you made a purchase using cash? If you’re among the 29% of Americans who don’t use cash for any purchases during a typical week, you likely can’t remember. As technologies continue to give consumers new ways to pay, some businesses across the US have chosen to go cashless to be more efficient.

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