Making a Payment


With all the work you need to get done, you want to make global business payments simple, cost-effective and—most of all—safe. We’ve built a solution from the bottom up with busy people like you in mind.

Make all your global supply chain payments a one-click process every month.

Global Business Payments in a Click

With your Veem profile linked to your bank account, all your global business payments are just a click away from completion. All you need is the recipient’s name, email address, and business name and you’re done! No paper forms, no trips to the bank, and no looking up SWIFT codes. Once your supplier links their profile to their bank, all ongoing payments are easy as one click.


Get Business Done Faster

The uncertainty of wire transfers, especially how much money will actually be delivered, can create delays between you and your business partner—costing you precious time before you receive what you paid for. Instead of sitting around waiting for payments to clear, let Veem’s transparency and multi-party communication get everyone…aligned!

No Hidden Fees, No Unfair Pricing. Promise!

You deserve to know how much it will cost you to make a money transfer. You also deserve a fair price for the service. Why do banks charge both sender and recipient up to $60 per wire? (That’s not even counting the up-to 6% in exchange fees.) That’s a good question. Here at Veem, we don’t do that—we promise!

Global Payments for Your Global Business

Businesses around the world think in global currency. Your payment service should too. Instead of limiting you to only one currency per country, we’ll provide you with the currencies used by businesses there.

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Safe, Verified, Trusted

Securing your data, privacy and payments is just the start. Begin your transaction knowing that our staff has taken the time to verify who your business partners are by confirming their bank details and making sure that they have passed all regulatory compliance requirements. This service is offered to you at no extra cost.

Track Payments Like you’d Track a Package

You need to know where your money is at all times. Imagine being able to track your transfers the same way the courier companies track packages. Veem’s innovative technology makes uncertainty a thing of the past. Because it allows you to track payments from beginning to end, you can worry less about where your money is, and concentrate more on your growing business.

Track Payments Easily