Send Global Payments

as simple as sending email

Save time and money paying vendors with Veem – 40k businesses strong

Global Payment as simple as sending email

Make all your global supply chain payments a one-click process

Global Business Payments in a Click

Bank wires are now a thing of the past. All you need to make a payment is the recipient’s name, email address, and business. Avoid paper forms, trips to the bank, and SWIFT codes. The end result is you’ll save time, avoid headaches, and get back to running your business.

Connected Payments

Veem’s Connected Payment Platform helps ensure your global business transacts smoothly. Traditional bank wires carry uncertainty, fees, and confusion – this results in frustration and delays that slow shipments and services. Our unique international money transfer service notifies both parties when a delivery is sent, the amount being delivered, and information on the related invoice.

Works with Your Accounting Software

Connect your payments to QuickBooks Online, Xero or NetSuite. Your vendors, invoices and payments synch to avoid double entry. Clearly track global payment activity and take a big leap forward in cash flow management and payment reconciliation.


Eliminate transaction fees and save on FX

Traditional bank wires come with needless additional fees in an outdated payment method. Our connected global payment network eliminates transaction fees and helps you save whenever currency exchanges are needed.

Safe. Verified. Trusted.

Securing your data, privacy and payments is just the start. Begin your transaction knowing our staff has taken the time to verify the business partners information is accurate by confirming their bank details and making sure they have passed all regulatory compliance requirements whether you are sending or receiving money from abroad.

Send a Payment

How Veem works

Sending international payments is a click away. Simply input your vendor’s email address, name, country and amount and you’re ready to pay. You can attach invoice information and documents so both parties can see what the payment is for before and after delivery. Once your vendor registers with Veem, they’ll be notified each time you send a payment even before it hits their bank. Trackable, simple payments built for business. For more detail, read our docs.

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