Veem Rewards FAQ

All Customers:

What are the new updates to Veem Rewards?

We are excited to announce updates and new features to the Veem Rewards program. In this update, we’re increasing the reward for invoicing a new business to $100 the first time you invoice someone new, and $50 every time you invoice a new business after that, introducing our referral program, and adding a reward for a customer’s 3rd transaction. Read more here (link to website w/ new reward descriptions).

When will the new updates take effect?

We are happy to announce that the new updates to Veem Rewards will take effect starting July 9th.

When is the last day my payments can be completed to be a part of the existing Veem Rewards system?

July 8th is the last day your completed payments or invoices will be considered under our existing rewards program.

I really liked Veem Rewards. Why are you changing it?

At Veem, we care about every aspect of your experience with us. We heard your requests for more ways to earn Veem Rewards and are excited to finally be able to offer exactly that.

I am an existing Veem customer. How can I earn Veem Rewards?

In addition to earning rewards by invoicing a new business, you can also earn Veem Rewards by referring a new business (see terms for details)

What will happen to my existing Veem Rewards points?

Your existing Veem Rewards points will be rolled over after the launch of the update.

I earned Veem Rewards. When will they be available to redeem?

We are working as hard as we can to process your rewards as quickly as possible. Expect your rewards to be available in the next 3-4 weeks.

New Customers:

I am a new Veem customer. How can I earn Veem Rewards?

In addition to the programs for existing members (link to I am an existing Veem customer. How can I earn Veem Rewards? question), new members are eligible for the 3rd transaction reward. You can earn the 3rd transaction reward by initiating 3 or more qualified transactions on Veem (see terms for details). Customers who use Veem to receive money are able to earn this reward by sending invoices.