The Better Way to Get Paid

by your Global Vendors

A big leap forward in tracking international payments

Global Business Payments in a Click

Unsure when you’re getting paid? Is the amount received less than you expected? Do you face accounting challenges every time you do business? We can help!

The Hassles of Global Payments Eliminated

If you’re like the 40K businesses Veem serves, you’re tired of global payments with no view into when a payment is made, how much you’re getting, or the associated invoice. Veem has broken through the barriers antiquated bank wires couldn’t overcome.

Clear Exchange Rates

Bank wires can never tell you how much you’re getting on cross-currency payments. And chances are the banks in the middle that touch your funds take a good chunk of your money along the way. Veem’s Connected Payments platform eliminates the middleman and helps deliver the expected amount with rates that beat most banks with clear exchange rates that we stand behind.

World Class Customer Service

At times, we all need a helping hand. That is why we offer dedicated account managers to answer any questions you may have about international money transfers. From payment tracking to understanding foreign exchange rates to sending money across the globe, our team is just a click or call away.

Request a payment

How Veem works

Requesting funds from around the world is as easy as sending an email. Simply input your payer’s email address, name, country and amount and your request is ready to send. Even attach invoice information and documents so both parties can see what the payment is for before and after delivery. After your payer connects to Veem, you’ll be notified each time they send a payment even before it hits your bank. Trackable, simple payments built for business. Read our docs for more detail on how it’s done.

Sending Is as Simple as Receiving

Once you’ve linked your profile to your bank account, you can also send payments through Veem. Like requesting payments, all you need is a name, country and an email. That’s it! You can also use our bulk payment tool to send multiple payments to businesses all at once, with the same great rate and service we offer on single payments.

Send a Payment

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