Partner with Veem to Embed Global Business Payments.

• Software Providers embed global payments into your platform to improve customer experience while adding a new stream of revenues for your business.
• Integrate Veem into your environment either via iFrame or APIs.
• Leave the complexity of risk, compliance, and customer support on us.
• Stay ahead of the game and gain a competitive edge.

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Easily Enable B2B Checkout with Veem’s Pay Widget

Integrate Veem’s Pay Widget on your platform for easy B2B checkout. Invoicers can add secure payment links to their invoices, or integrate the Pay widget in their environment for a seamless customer experience. Partner with Veem to improve the checkout experience for your B2B clients.

Licensed and regulated in each state, registered with FinCEN, and SOC2 certified

Ensure the safety of your customers’ transactions with Veem’s robust compliance and security measures. Our dedicated risk and customer support teams manage all aspects of security and compliance for you so you can focus on what matters the most.

The rise of ransomware: what it means and how to protect yourself
Generate revenue with Veem’s revenue share program

Software and e-commerce companies can turn payments into a revenue-generating activity through Veem’s revenue share program.

The Veem Difference


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