The best alternative to PayPal for business payments

PayPal is a well-known household name for making online payments but did you know that there’s a more affordable and reliable alternative for your domestic and international business payments? PayPal can be a great solution for making person-to-person payments but when it comes to business payments, Veem is the go-to-solution for businesses like yours around the globe.

Why Veem is the best alternative to PayPal for business payments

Veem is the only global payments network built for businesses. No subscriptions, no transaction limits, and it helps you build better relationships with your customers and suppliers. Veem offers:

  • A simple to use interface where finding your payees is quick and easy.
  • Payment Tracking, so you never wonder where your money is, or when it will arrive.
  • Around the clock, regional customer support to answer any questions you or your receiver might have.
  • No hidden fees, competitive FX, no subscription fees.

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Dechel McKillian

Founder of Galerie.LA

“Using Veem was a no-brainer. Before Veem, I was using PayPal, as well as bank transfers. Both of which have ridiculous conversion rates and charged very high fees which impacted our bottom line. With Veem, that’s all gone.”

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