Why your business needs to talk about web security

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You might think that a business’ web security stops at the IT team. Any issues that come in aren’t your problem, it’s a problem with the firewall, VPN, or server security. If you think this is the case, you’re not entirely wrong. Dedicated IT teams are integral to the implementing and continuance of proper web security for businesses.

But, you have a part to play as well.

Cyber attacks and hacks don’t just come to the IT team. In fact, it’s much easier for a potential attack to come through someone who doesn’t know any better, or isn’t paying enough attention. It could be you, your desk mate, or Tyler in sales.

This is why businesses need to have open and honest conversations about web and cyber security, instead of hiding them behind the IT department door.

1. Phishing

If you get an email from your CEO asking you to send them some important information, many people immediately go into a panic. They scramble to find what they need, and send it through as quickly as possible, regardless of how sensitive the documents they sent turned out to be.

But, what if it wasn’t the CEO, but someone posing as your fearless leader? The internet is a perilous and malleable place. It’s fairly easy for tech-savvy people to create emails identical to those at the highest levels of organizations to get easy access to vulnerable employees. This is known as phishing.

Potential attackers “lure” employees under the guise of upper management to get access to sensitive information, passwords, financial data, and any other important things that can help them get what they need from your organization.

Unless there are conversations around web security occurring in the office, how is anyone expected to know what they’re facing from potential attackers?

2. Assuming the best

You might think you have the best IT team in the world. The best part is, you very well might. But, that doesn’t mean that you or your employees are safe.

In fact, assuming you’re safe may be your downfall. Not to seem too overdramatic, but thinking you and your office invincible is a sure-fire way to get screwed. By talking about the importance of web security on an individual employee level, you can stress the significance of taking precautionary measures as well.

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These include installing an ad blocker, not clicking hazardous-looking links, not replying to weird emails (see the “Phishing” section), and not visiting risk-heavy websites.

Now, maybe you and your staff aren’t sure what these bad things look like. If you have a dedicated IT team, it would be great to set up a training and informational session to educate everyone on the dangers, consequences, and what to look for. If you don’t, you may be able to reach out to consulting companies. But, if it comes right down to it, you may have to bite the bullet and do some research, putting together a presentation yourself.

It’s either that, or someone in marketing may send out your financial records to an overseas hacker.

3. Hackers are good at what they do

This is just a fact. If they weren’t I wouldn’t be writing this article, and you wouldn’t be reading it. Similar to the previous section, the assumption that you know better than a potential hacker is the wrong mindset in these situations.

You won’t outsmart them, and if they really want to get to you, they can. That’s why you, and your employees, need to be on high alert for potential attacks. That means having meaningful, honest conversations about your vulnerabilities.

Your tech isn’t the only vulnerable thing in the office. If you’re paying people overseas, bad actors are looking for ways to steal your money. The only difference between that and a phishing email is that you can’t directly do anything to stop it.

Or can you?

Banks are known to be vulnerable to these types of attacks due simply to the outdated, underfunded technologies that are supposed to protect your money. By choosing the right payments processor, businesses can safely pay, get paid, and invoice people around the world without fear of delays, losses, or huge fees.

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