Veem has a brand new look

A better payments experience

Out with the old and in with the new — Veem has a brand new look with enhanced functionality to improve your payment experience. Veem makes payments simple, and with our latest application updates, sending and receiving money has never been easier.


Transaction Statistics

We’re excited to introduce the newest module on the Veem dashboard — Transaction Statistics. This new feature allows you to see the total amount of payments you’ve processed with Veem. We’re adding additional functionality to Transaction Statistics in the coming weeks so you can access the numbers you need at a glance. Stay tuned!


A new look and feel

The refreshed Veem dashboard is your one-stop shop to quickly and easily navigate through your transactions. Sort your payments by amount, date or status to streamline your payment reporting. The sidebar can be collapsed and expanded to accommodate for your screen size.

Send a payment


A quicker signup process

For payment and invoice receivers

We’ve made it easier for businesses who aren’t on the Veem network to get started. New users can set their preferred currency quickly and easily for more control over their payments, and pricing for different currencies is clear, so you never have to worry about any hidden fees.


For new users

We’ve upgraded our sign up flow so businesses can start transacting in minutes. The new onboarding experience is optimized to help business owners get verified sooner. New users can now save their progress and finish signing up at their own pace if they leave the page or need some time to collect documents.

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