Top 5 Fall Foods to Give Your Restaurant a Boost

Top 5 Fall Food Trends of 2018

Some people wait all year for pumpkin spiced food items. It’s a very exciting industry. I’m all set with my black coffee (psychopath, that I am), but come at me with that pumpkin pie.


Pumpkin-spiced everything is a staple of fall, right? But will it ever get old? Let’s look at some trendy new dishes that your customers will be sure to fall for, both traditional and trendy.

1. Plant-Based Productsshutterstock_446781652

Plant-based foods have been gaining ground for the last couple years. 2018 seems to be the most popular year for transparent, healthy superfoods. So you can bet that plant-based foods will be among the biggest food trends this fall. Restaurant owners everywhere are taking healthy, clean eating very seriously, letting their customers know they’re proud to keep their ingredients slim while keeping you full. Lentils, beans, peas, and grains, seasoned right, can make every meal.

You don’t need headphones by Dre to appreciate good beets. They’re delicious, juicy, refreshing, and amazing for your liver. They are highly malleable and are great meat substitutes. I prefer beets with anything sweet potato, and covered in roasted chickpeas. You can thank me later.

Restaurant owners everywhere are taking healthy, clean eating very seriously, letting their customers know they’re proud to keep their ingredients slim while keeping you full

Market your healthy foods and you won’t be sorry.

Hey, whatever happened to smoothie bowls? They were everywhere for about 6 months and now they seem to have gone extinct. Either way, I’m glad people have returned to blending their foods again.

Raw food is trending right now, but fall calls for a little bit of roastin’. So, on behalf of all of us who hate the cold, preheat that oven.

Speaking of heat…

2. Tacos & Tequila


Okay, look. I know tacos, nor tequila, are necessarily traditional holiday foods, but let’s just consider for a moment how popular tacos have gotten recently. Trendy will have to do.

Plus, there is literally nothing I look forward to more than taco Tuesday. Except maybe Taco Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc. And tacos and tequila…what better food pairing than one that uses alliteration? It’s art! More on tequila below…

More and more bars, pubs, and fancy sit-downs are featuring soft-shell corn or flour tortilla tacos on their menus. Tacos are the latest food trends for all kinds of restaurants. Offer yours, stuffed with fried zucchini chunks, crispy tofu, black beans, and avocado, garnished with citrus and house-made sour cream drizzle, and zested with some of the hottest and tastiest chili sauces. I am a taco master.

Hot sauce is a huge food trend right now. Burning your mouth is becoming an Olympic sport

But it’s not just tacos that are taking the main frame lately, it’s all in the sauce.

That sounds like an expression but I swear I just made it up. It’s all in the sauce™. Hot sauce is a huge food trend right now. Burning your mouth is becoming an Olympic sport. Hot Sauce Appreciation Day is my birthday. As a person who has watched far too much of First We Feast’s “Hot Ones,” I’m over qualified to talk about sauces, but I’ll leave you with a couple top dogs that you should make sure to add among your Fall offerings:

Valentina Salsa Picante – A delicious, unique, bold flavour with a not-overwhelming bite. Just enough to keep you warm as the temperatures fall. They also have an extra-hot version in case you’d like to be overwhelmed.

Huy Fong Sriracha – Found in almost any heat-loving restaurant and household, This sriracha is a classic, and good with almost anything. It’s sweet and unintrusive.

Cholula – a unique flavour that will burn you to a crisp.

Rootham Gourmet Preserves’ Peach & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce – A personal favourite, and a little taste of home. You’re familiar with hot sauces from Mexico, Thailand, China, Louisiana, Korea…But what about Canada? This sauce hails from the Niagara region. How does something so peachy-sounding hurt so good?

Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s keep moving.

3. Authentic, Homemade Feels


Everyone looks forward to a home-cooked meal. Maybe not my home-cooked meals, but mama makes a mean lasagna. So while everyone is jumping the US border for the Canadian Thanksgiving, and then fleeing back in time for the US Thanksgiving, your restaurant could be sitting tight, catching those few stragglers who are craving the autumnal flavors of ginger & curried chicken rice with a well made old-fashioned that even grandma couldn’t top. Who doesn’t love a nice rustic kitchen feel?

Along with homestyle feels, take a dive into the wide variety of mushrooms. Porcini Mushrooms are not only delicious, but they have significant health benefits. Portabello’s are becoming increasingly popular in all types of restaurants and are a great meat substitute. Enoki mushrooms come in a stringy cluster and are great in soups, inspired by the famous Chinese dish, “hot pot.”

4. Soups & Saladsshutterstock_425927053

Anything can be made into soup. Seriously, my high school diploma is now a soup. Soup is cozy, creative, efficient, resourceful, sexy, and a great listener. You should make sure your soup game is strong because it is definitely going to be talked about for sure this season, as it’s one of the biggest fall food trends of 2018.

Make your restaurant a staple this season by serving fall classics such as lentils, potato and garlic, carrot, yellow curry, and spiced coconut soups.

Soup can set the mood and can be paired with most meals. But if it’s not soup, it’s salad. Roasted and candied pecans, beets, and goat cheese in one salad can satisfy every taste bud, alive or dead (see hot sauces, above), all at the same time. If your menu includes soup-like entrees, your salad-game will also need-polishing.

5. Drinks & Desserts

If you haven’t stopped reading yet with the purpose of desperately finding something to eat, then get your shoes on. We’re going out for drinks and dessert.

Tequila’s always a good idea until it’s not. I know a whole zero people who enjoy the taste of straight tequila, so make sure to spruce it up with drinks like ginger-beer margaritas, daiquiris, and grapefruit spritzers.

It’s a spicy season, which requires spicy drinks. Whatever you do, do not invest in pumpkin ale. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I hold a grudge. Ginger beer, however, is a seasonal trend surely to compliment your menu. Plus, there’s so much you can do with it, whether serving it on its own, or mixed in a cocktail.

I already mentioned pumpkin pies, so all I’ll say is, mine are the best.

Two words: Anything. Cinnamon.

It’s officially apple picking season. What do apples go well with? You guessed it: Cinnamon. Baked bread products, like danishes, strudels, and rolls are all safe bets. Crunchy, flakey textures, and bittersweet flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg will have your guests coming back until the snow falls.

Get your restaurant stocked, prepared, and in touch with these fall food trends, and you will be as cozy as your customers.

Happy eating!



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