The Secret to Finding a Supplier in Israel

You land in Tel Aviv, overwhelmed by how different it is from your hometown, Minneapolis.

How can you possibly find a supplier for your small business, when you can’t even locate your hotel?

You’re in luck, because Israel and the US have had a strong trade partnership for decades.

This relationship has had a trickle-down effect on Israeli society and culture, making it much easier for American business leaders to trade in Israel versus other Middle Eastern countries.

English is widespread, and Israel suppliers are thrilled to trade with US businesses.

These Israeli goods are no joke, either. Israel is a global technology giant, and their manufacturing and innovation is unchallenged.

This translates into supplies that are efficiently produced, and technologically superior to the competition.

But here’s the problem: Israel is so renowned as a supply partner that many businesses already have the country on their radar. The common hunting grounds for suppliers, trade shows and supply fairs, are often chockful of foreign business leaders.

You need a way to bypass the crowds and do business smarter than the competition.

Are you ready for the trick to finding Israeli suppliers?

Online Databases


Not very glamorous, is it?

A leader in technological innovation, Israel has many world-class, comprehensive supplier database that are just itching to be used.

Here’s a few that are worth checking out.

Made in Israel


A virtual catalog of Israeli supplies that ranges from agriculture to vitamins. It lists Israeli suppliers, manufacturers and exporters, and offers a search function so you can find the perfect product for your business.

What’s more, Made in Israel provides the supply company’s profile, contact information and other products that are created by the supplier.

Think of it as a virtual trade show where you don’t have to squeeze through crowds with a lidless styrofoam cup of hot coffee.

Israel Exporter

This website’s description says it all.

“The was established in 2008 as a platform to promote Israeli goods, technologies, trade relations, cooperation and strategic alliances with overseas companies.”

Israel Exporter provides similar services to Made in Israel, such as a comprehensive supplier database with up-to-date information on supply companies.

But it also encourages businesses to reach out if they can’t find a specific product in the database.

Hiring buying agents is common for many small businesses that are traveling to foreign countries. In a way, Israel Exporter is offering this luxury to you for free, as a way to help “promote trade relations.”

Seems pretty good, don’t you think?

Should I Avoid Israeli Trade Shows?

israel tradshow

Absolutely not!

There’s no denying that trade shows are a great location to find suppliers in Israel, and in other countries as well.

You can visit shows and events that are applicable to your business, and try and find the perfect supplier for your market.

And there are certainly ways that you can bypass any of the negatives of finding a supplier through trade shows.

Book Time

One way is by scheduling in advance.

Search the event itinerary for a supplier that interests you, and contact them to schedule a meeting.

Instead of trying to scream over a crowded auditorium, you’ll be able to have a more personal, quieter business negotiation.

Make Friends

Booking an appointment with your supplier gives you a platform to negotiate, but it also presents an opportunity to bond.

Personal relationships are an essential part of Israeli business, and often unlocks discounts and improved quality.

Bonding over dinner with an Israeli supplier is a surefire way to make them remember you. And with foreign competition being so steep in the Israeli supply scene, this is crucial to your success.

Your Israeli supplier will also remember you when you pay them through Veem, as it’ll likely be the simplest B2B transaction they’ve ever done.

Veem makes global business payments as easy as sending an email. This lets you and your Israeli supplier focus on what’s important, like your business relationship.

Plus, if anyone can appreciate Veem. Veem’s cutting-edge cybersecurity and verification processes, it would be the technology giant, Israel.

With tracking and verification on both ends of every transaction, you know where your money is at all times.

Trust Veem today with your money, and say hello to simple payments.

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