The Secret to Finding the Perfect Manufacturer in China

When you type “finding manufacturer” into Google, China is the first place that people are searching. And for good reason.

China has quite the trade resume. They’re the world’s second largest economy (behind the US), the world’s biggest exporter and second biggest importer.

Their economic pull is so strong, you’d think they were a planet.

So, it’s decided: China is a great place to do business. They’re renowned for their mass export supply and production.

And we can’t possibly forget their oh-so-competitive prices.

But language barriers and cultural differences can be scary, especially for people who have never left their city, let alone their country.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here’s how you can find the perfect partner for your business in China.

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The Hare and the Tortoise


“Speed kills” has more than one meaning in China.

Businesses should quickly establish relationships with manufacturers, as these are crucial to business success virtually everywhere.

But rushing business dealings instead of doing your research and practicing patience can have you packing your bags earlier than expected.

Be the hare in some situations, and the tortoise in others.

Wield the Web

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Patience alone can’t snag you the perfect manufacturer for your business.

Do your homework before committing to your manufacturer choice. Relationships with manufacturers improve over time, as familiarity and comfort sets in.

Bonding with a so-so supplier wastes time that could be spent gaining the trust of an excellent manufacturer.

The internet is a great resource. Yep, I’m the first one that’s ever said that.

There are countless databases and resources that can help guide your decision, especially in China where global trade is their bread and butter.

Alibaba is a great place to start. It’s known almost universally as the authoritative resource for manufacturers in China.

Ask the Right Questions

It’s important to ask questions that are specific to your business. This may seem like common sense, but too often people get flustered and ask meaningless questions just for the sake of it.

Also, try to learn as much as possible about the production process.

If you can’t physically visit the Chinese manufacturer, your conversation over the phone is all the information you’ll get.

That leaves a lot to be desired.

Find out if there are other partners that the manufacturer deals with, where they source their parts, how long they’ve been in business, and if they could give you a special deal.

Maybe not the last part (feel it out), but be sure to ask the first three.

That way, you’ll know where your money will potentially be going to.

Small business owners don’t have the time to “backpack in China”, searching high and low for a reputable manufacturer.

This is how the internet changes the game. Wield the web, and you’ll be sure to find some excellent candidates that are ready and willing to field your questions.

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