SaaS ideas for keeping up with the shifts in IT

It’s not easy to get things moving or to make changes, even within the smallest teams. But changes need to happen when any sign of inefficiency appears, especially in the rapidly growing and competitive world of IT. And regardless of any inefficiency, there’s always room to improve.

If your business doesn’t take advantage of innovative tech advances, another business might. Tech startups know this and have to get used to constantly adjusting.

SaaS, or software as a service, replaces on-premise software completely. This means the software is administered by a third-party, taking much of the responsibility of running it off of the users’ hands. That’s great news for startup teams with full plates.

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Redefine your methods

Certain SaaS services can improve security by allowing you to limit access, delegate tasks, and replace physical files with digital ones. Replacing certain methods with software ensures accountability and transparency, letting startups see which team members do what, and helping to build communication. It minimizes waste and perfects organization.

Popular cloud-based software like Google Apps, Dropbox, and Salesforce are examples of SaaS, so the concept probably isn’t new to your business. But consider, it’s important for startups and small businesses to prioritize investments and minimize resources. That includes the time and energy it takes to connect and train your whole team on new programs and troubleshoot issues.

For that reason, and the fact that there are no installation costs, no delivery time or fees, and only the requirement of internet, SaaS is an ideal solution for many developing companies. I mean, if we can augment any kind of resource so that it’s downloadable or available via the cloud, why wouldn’t we?

So what kind of SaaS products are available to help your company grow? That all depends on the type of resource your team is spending too much time on. Let’s explore some common issues and their cloud-based software solutions.

SaaS for HR

User-friendly payroll

Training is time-consuming. Although your company wants unique processes that can’t be easily recreated, it’s more important to keep the efficiency train rolling. That means, implementing user-friendly and easy to use programs.

Payroll specifically has many obstacles that need attention, such as organization, security, timeliness, and monitoring. To tackle these issues and more, check out PeopleBookHR, a very positively reviewed resource for payroll.

Efficient onboarding

Looking to expand your team? What better way than on the cloud? Onboarding can be a horribly messy process. But thankfully, there are many solutions to help find the right fit for the position, without a bombardment of emails, disgraceful resumes, and bad fits.

Built for Teams is known for its efficiency with PTO tracking, recruiting, onboarding, and employee self-service. It’s clear to see why it’s one of the highest rated SaaS companies for onboarding. Its users don’t stop working with it after the hire is absorbed into their teams, and its strengths don’t end there.

Fountain helps businesses find the perfect match when hiring. It’s easy to use, friendly to the eye, and gets you into contact without the hassle or nuisance of other onboarding software.

EMPTrust HR provides a professional looking service, handling not only onboarding, but also, crossboarding, background checks, task management, and payroll integrations.

Organized employee tracking

Jibble helps sort out the time and attendance of employees. Similarly, ranks amongst the popular options for organizing time off requests and absence reports.

CompensationXL is a well-known resource for tracking workflow and planning compensation for your team members, saving you from overlap, or gaps in your scheduling.

Peakon is a neat way to get employee feedback. It reports insights based on anonymous employee feedback to destroy barriers and help keep your work environment healthy.

SaaS for team management

Show your team you’re dedicated to their wellbeing and help build communication among employees by looking into some employee tracking software. The following software can keep your team connected, whether they’re in-house or spread out globally.

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Slack is one of the friendliest team management software available. Its strengths include the ability to connect apps and add-ons and link other software, making sharing files, setting reminders, sending meeting invitations easy, and adding flair and fun to the workplace. Slack is a must have for any effective team.

Basecamp is a similar alternative to Slack. It is also a highly rated communication tool, helping teams complete tasks efficiently.

JIRA is used by software teams for project management, as well as bug and issue tracking. Its clean-cut, straightforward layout helps teams plan and execute software. Its visuals help with analyzing the progress and other data after a project is released.

SaaS for marketing

When choosing any kind of software, it’s important to consider your company’s size, any training resources, any barriers with integration, and the preferred working methods of your team.

Google Analytics may be the data hero, but there are other software companies that are stronger in specific areas.

Marketing (vertical) content

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Social media

Social media is extremely effective for marketing your business. However, it can be tricky to keep up with a hefty collection of accounts across the various platforms.

Each of the following social media managers are tools that can help balance accounts. If your concerns involve training or integration, eClincher and SocialSprout each offer in-person, live online, webinar, and written forms of training. They accommodate all types of learners and offer the clearest methods of explanation.

In terms of customer service, each company offers 24/7 support, with Loomly and eClincher topping the charts for support.

SEMrush is a multifaceted and highly ranked software used by SEO and PR professionals. Although its monthly cost per user towers those previously mentioned, it has one of the highest reported value for money. It’s also just super nice to look at and user-friendly.

Hootsuite helps you manage your social media accounts in order to balance your online presence. It’s one of the most popular social media management tools, and more affordable than many of its competitors. Hootsuite’s biggest drawback was its lack of a mobile application. However, 2019 welcomed its release, and saw it quickly achieve App Store’s Editors’ Choice.

A sky full of cloud solutions

There are numerous options to iron out our business’ inefficiencies. A good majority of these solutions are very receptive to feedback and are committed to bettering their services. That’s the thing about web developers: the job title doesn’t suggest the job is ever finished. Rather, development is on-going.

Keep your business growing alongside of IT. SaaS can keep your team running efficiently, without the bulk or additional responsibility of on-premise services.

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