The benefits of influencer marketing

Why do we use Instagram and related social media platforms? To post, share, and browse images of things we like or wish we had. Smells like a market to me.

In 2017, Instagram released a statement that “Those under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram, on average, while those age 25 and older spend more than 24 minutes a day.”

That’s why marketers are taking advantage of social media and creating paid partnerships with influencers. Social influencer marketing’s popularity has been growing over the years for many reasons.

But what is influencer marketing?

The concept has been around forever. Between celebrity endorsements and product placement, influencer marketing is just another way to reach the audience.

It’s a marketing strategy that connects iconic people on social media with brands. Think of influencers as the social media cornerstone for reaching your target audience. It allows businesses to dive into a target audience based solely on interests and leads. In a way, influencers let businesses borrow their fans and popularity.

But these partnerships go both ways; they compliment both the business and the influencer. Businesses get to associate with a popular social icon and influencers get to associate with a cool, unique, and up-and-coming product. Even “before it was cool.”

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Social media is a perfect platform for reaching customers. Marketing agencies that use social influencers get to appeal to localized target audiences that are interested in similar brands. Imagine connecting with 10-500k potential customers from a single Instagram post.

There are many benefits of social influencer marketing, including the reach and accuracy of ads. It’s a great way to get involved in the online community and build your brand.

The right reach

Social media sets businesses up with bullseye targeting. Influencer marketing is a direct, sure shot strategy for reaching your target audience. Your target is already following the influencer, so you don’t have to search. And influencers are easy to find. Not only will Instagram make recommendations based on users’ interests that can help narrow down the right representative, but there are also resources online like Influencer Marketing Hub and influencer agencies that help connect marketers and business owners with local influencers.

The audience is accurate to your target because you’ve selected the representative, and their followers follow for a reason. It’s less pushy when your ads fit in with the context and it helps your product seem more necessary.

When the audience sees your product being used and supported by someone they admire, they’re likely to trust your brand quicker.

Hiring an influencer can also make your ads and marketing strategies less annoying and forced. But it’s important to select the right influencer. Although numbers are important, context is better.

Besides, the audience is likely to like, comment, or share the content. Each of those actions appears on the feed of their followers. The cycle of influence doesn’t end at the post.

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The only challenge is finding a way to work with the influencer or influencers to create an effective ad or campaign.

Develop brand recognition

You wouldn’t hire a super controversial celebrity to represent your brand, or invest in an endorsement that no one will see or recognize. Maybe a billboard behind an abandoned Chinese restaurant? No.

That’s what makes social influencer marketing such a good fit. A business can partner with an influencer that’s relevant and well-recognized among their niche in order to build trust and brand recognition. What’s better than tacky commercials with paid actors? Real people using your product (and photographic evidence).

Additionally, brand content is even easier to access in Instagram’s Stories feature. Story ads may be short-lived but keep your ad relevant and fresh. Story content can benefit businesses because the ads seem more natural than a long shout-out on an Instagram post.

Build a network

As the connections between your business and partners grow, so will your network. This means further reach and better recognition, especially with the ease of sharing across platforms.

Different platforms appeal to different audiences. Facebook is known for its family, Instagram and Snapchat for millennials and Gen Z, and Youtube for basically anyone. Although connecting platforms is a smart marketing strategy, the broader audience may not connect as effectively.

Of course, one influencer can reach a lot of customers. But multiple influencers appealing to similar audiences can create a network and further your brand recognition.

Local influencers are great for brick-and-mortar businesses, but what about ecommerce businesses? Online stores have the potential to build a larger network with a broader reach. In fact, ecommerce businesses already rely on social media.

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A major benefit of influencer marketing is how natural ads appear in a digital setting made to show off.

Influencer marketing is a smart way to connect to audiences using respectable and relevant social media icons. Get to your target with a guaranteed return on investment and become a staple in your market’s community with influencer marketing.

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