How Veem helped me get Totally Booked!

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    Written by: Kelly Gonsalves

When I first started my bookkeeping business, I almost immediately started looking for a better option for sending international payments. AMEX was costing me and my clients way too much money, it was slow, and it would always require manual data entry. When you’re working with people’s hard-earned money, and especially when you’re trying to build trust, it’s imperative that there be transparency and efficiency.

Realizing this, I started perusing the Quickbooks Online App Store ( for better options. I looked up “international payments,” and Veem came up. I hadn’t heard of Veem before but figured I’d give them a chance.

When I started using Veem for international payments 2 and a half years ago, I never could’ve imagined I’d be where I am today. More than that, I never thought an international payments service could be, and do, so much more than that.

Here’s how Veem has helped me serve my clients better, and grow my business.

International Payments

Veem’s core service is international payments. It’s what they’re best known for, and for a reason. Competitive FX rates, affordable payments, fast delivery, and strict security measures are everything I need to make sure my clients’ payments arrive safe, sound, and in full.

Traditionally, bank wires (like the AMEX ones I was sending before) ran into a lot of issues. Not only were these problems inconvenient for my clients and I, but we were both losing money as the fees piled up, the losses were accruing, and the FX rates just weren’t good enough.

Using tomorrow’s technology to fix today’s problems, Veem has found a way to make international business payments simple, fast, and affordable for my clients & I. No if, ands, or buts about it.

But, Veem isn’t just about international payments. They’ve strived to make their payments a holistic experience, covering all the needs and pain points that bookkeepers, accountants, and businesses deal with.

Trackable payments

This feature covers two important parts of the payment process.

International wires are lost by banks all the time. Because they jump from bank to bank sometimes hitting 7 before they even reach their destination, payments are often mis-recorded, or entirely forgotten about along the way.

Veem allows me and my clients to track payments that they’re sending and receiving on the platform. At any time, I know where the payment is in the process, how long it’ll take to get there, when it’s arrived, and when it’s deposited. This has been a game changer for my clients as well. Now, they don’t have to wonder where their money is, and I don’t have to be the messenger that has no idea where it’s gone.

The second part of this tracker is specific to accountants, bookkeepers, and anyone using accounting software: instant and automated reconciliation. We all know that tracking down invoices and payment information just to manually enter it into QBO or other accounting software is a major pain. By integrating Veem directly with QBO, this info is automatically tracked and entered into Quickbooks without us having to do anything. Besides check in now-and-again of course.

Ease of use

One of the more underrated aspects of Veem is just how easy it is to set up and use. After a one time, 5 minute set up for my clients, paying and getting paid is as easy as adding an email, name, and some business information. The platform is super intuitive for my clients and I, and even if they can’t seem to figure it out, all they have to do is give me permission to do what I need to, and I can get everything done for them. Veem calls that multi-level approval.

Setting up clients is easy, contacting customer support is easy, working with my account manager is easy. Everything that is difficult and mind-numbing with other platforms is just simple with Veem. It’s the way payment should be. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to help my clients pay and get paid, no matter where they are, and they shouldn’t have to either.

Veem sees the problems, and works to fix them. As a growing company, they’re constantly shifting to make things faster, more affordable, and easier for users like me.

That’s not something I can say of most platforms.



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