How to Motivate Your Team

Are your employees as passionate about their jobs as you are? Is your office bustling with “Let’s do this” energy all the time?

Or do you catch your employees looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until they can leave?

Your team will only bring their A-game if they have enough motivation. Contrary to popular belief, paying your employees and not yelling at them all the time is usually not sufficient to ensure sparkling performance.

There’s more you can do.

Read on to find out how to keep your team’s motivation levels high, and how Veem can help.

The Right Tasks to the Right People

Choose the best people for your team. Personality matters just as much as education. Consider carefully how the new person will fit in the team before each hire.

Not everybody is passionate about every task. Try to distribute tasks according to skills and personalities. For example, don’t make an introverted, shy employee hold a presentation in front of a large crowd.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask your employees to occasionally get out of their comfort zones, as it will encourage them to grow.

But, make sure to provide support for them all the way.

Provide Regular Feedback

Constructive feedback is crucial for your team members’ motivation. Schedule short but regular feedback sessions with your employees and allow for a free exchange of information.

Set individual, measurable goals for your team members for both short and long term, and monitor their progress along with them.

Opportunities for Self-Development

These goals should contribute to your employees’ self-development. Giving your team a chance and the necessary push to grow will make them want to work harder.

Bear in mind that the process goes both ways: your team members should offer their feedback to you. Be open-minded and follow up with your employees, especially if you’re unable to act on their ideas.

Trust Your Team

Don’t micromanage your employees. Giving them enough space and responsibilities will allow them to really make their tasks their own, increasing motivation and productivity.

But bear in mind that there’s a fine line between enough and too much space. The latter can make your team feel ignored, which is one of the greatest causes of sinking motivation levels. Give your team the necessary attention, but allow them to make decisions on their own.

Don’t let mistrust fracture your workspace.

Provide a Good Atmosphere

Clean and safe working conditions are a must. But on top of that, employers need to ensure a general good mood in the office. Happy employees are productive employees.

There are many factors contributing to the general well-being of your team. A positive, supportive environment, along with clear tasks and an open exchange of ideas fosters collaboration and boosts productivity levels.

Not only will your employees benefit, but your business will work better and smarter as a result.

Ease Work Processes

Try to create easy-to-follow, productive work processes. Today, there are many services and software programs that allow business owners to automate numerous tasks from customer relationship management (CRM) to accounting, inventory, and much more.

Check out our blog article How to Automate Your Small Business’ Operations for ideas. The various platforms will help you streamline your processes and cut all unnecessary tasks.

For example, Veem will automate your international B2B transfers.

Veem allows you to send and receive international transfers quickly, efficiently, and as easily as sending an email. Your personal dashboard enables you to track all transactions and initiate new ones with the click of a mouse.

Why make your employees waste their time in a bank when they can make easy, global payments right at their desks?

Veem charges no wire fees, offers competitive foreign exchange rates, and integrates easily with your accounting software.

No more manual input, no more complex ledgers.

Sign up for a free Veem account to enjoy quick and efficient international transfers.



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