How To Invoice Someone in Brazil

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If you offer products or services at an international level, chances are, you’ll find yourself transacting with customers or clients in Brazil. Brazil’s economy is a complicated one, which makes it important to be aware of how to collect payment on goods and services rendered. it starts by learning how to invoice someone in Brazil.

The process of sending an invoice to a South American recipient isn’t all that different from sending a domestic one; however, there are a few nuances to consider. Currency, mode of payment and NET terms are all worth being mindful of, for example. These little details go a long way in generating an invoice that’s likely to be paid with few-to-no obstacles. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to invoice someone in Brazil and what companies need to consider to make sure they’re paid quickly, correctly and in full.

Information needed to generate an invoice to someone in Brazil

The most important question to ask before sending an invoice is whether you’re including the necessary information. Beyond how much and what the invoice is for, both the sender (you) and the recipient need a clear representation of the details behind a transaction. It’s important for both transparency and general bookkeeping. Here’s a look at the core information every invoice should contain:

  • The issue date, payment due date and NET terms
  • Sender and recipient names and contact information
  • A unique and identifiable invoice number (for auditing)
  • The full amount due for the products or services being invoiced
  • A description of the scope of work being invoiced
  • Approved modes of payment and/or ways to pay the invoice

When doing business in Brazil, make sure you also account for currency differences. It’s standard practice to send an invoice in local currency, which means accounting for exchange rates—specifically the difference between the United States Dollar (USD) and the Brazilian Real (BRL). List the exchange rate used in the notes of the invoice, for transparency.

Use data capture technology for paper invoices

Once you’ve got all the data to compile your invoice, you need to digitize it. While you might use paper invoices within the office, sending one to Brazil demands a digital solution. A platform like Veem provides it. With a simple drag and drop, businesses can take scanned invoice images and translate them into ready-to-send digital invoices, thanks to image capture and machine learning. Not only do you get an invoice that’s easier to send and track, recipients get a convenient way to click, view and pay.

Create pay links and payment requests

The simpler you can make an invoice, the better. Case in point: Pay Links, from Veem. When you’re ready to send an invoice to someone in Brazil, all you need to do is generate a Pay Link that allows the recipient to instantly pay their bill in just a couple of clicks. Everything happens within a digital platform, so there’s total transparency.

Send a Pay Link via text, email or through a messaging app—all the recipient needs to do is click it for instant access to their invoice and payment options. It’s yet another way to remove barriers when sending invoices internationally.

Don’t forget to integrate!

The final step in successfully sending an invoice to someone in Brazil is actually collecting on the amount owed. This means having a way to account for that money after the payment transaction is initiated. The answer lies in both integration and automation—specifically, syncing up Veem to bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, Xero or Botkeeper. This communication allows Veem to notify bookkeeping software of a payment transaction, then record it appropriately within the accounts receivable process. The result is books that are up-to-date, with little-to-no human intervention.

Using Veem to invoice someone in Brazil

If you’re doing business in South America, you need a way to invoice someone in Brazil. More importantly, businesses need an obstacle-free way of sending invoices that simplify payment for the recipient. Veem offers end-to-end invoicing solutions: from data capture and invoice generation, to Pay Links and bookkeeping integrations. The result is a simpler transaction for everyone and a stronger business relationship.

Ready to create, customize and manage your invoices like never before? Schedule a demo with Veem today and learn how to make invoicing the easiest part of doing business abroad.

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