How to Identify Quality Leads

Separating quality leads from people just “website shopping” is a daunting task for small businesses. After all, even though every visitor is a potential lead, a study found that only 27% of leads are worth pursuing. The others are not really interested in buying your products or services.

And even that 27% is not set in stone, since leads are not yet customers. They need to be nurtured, persuaded, and managed before they buy your products or services, which requires a lot of work from your business.

But if you give all visitors the same treatment, you end up wasting your time on people not really interested, or even worse: losing real leads. You need to know exactly which leads to pursue.

You need to know exactly which leads to pursue

Read on for our tips on identifying quality leads, and how Veem can help.

Know Your Personas

Personas are imaginary customers personalizing your target audience. Their purpose is to help you put yourself into your customers’ mind-set and figure out a way to effectively attract and retain them.

Design your website with your personas in mind. What are they looking for? What do they need? What do they like?

Create content for your personas. For example, if you’re targeting middle-aged gardeners, blog about topics that interest them, like environmentally friendly fertilizers or the perfect sprinkling systems.

If your design and content matches the interest of your personas, quality leads will be able to find your website a lot easier.

Use Your Tools

Gathering and analyzing data from your visitors is a must. Try Google Analytics, or another free software that allows you to collect data about each view of your website. The amount of time a visitor spends on a page is a strong indicator of their interest.

Analyzing your data is an essential tool for identifying what your potential leads are looking for, helping you to target your approach.

Creating a scoring system will help you with lead management. Qualifying your leads based on their activity levels (activity score) and whether they match your personas (fit score) will be an enormous help when you start following up on leads.

Qualifying your leads based on their activity levels (activity score) and whether they match your personas (fit score) will be an enormous help when you start following up on leads.

Embedding forms into your website is another great tool for gathering information. Ask questions that can help you determine whether the visitor is a match for your persona. For example, if you’re targeting small businesses, a question about the number of employees will help you narrow your search.

You can set up geographic filters as well. If you’re targeting midwestern farmers, you can safely ignore leads from London, UK.

Target Decision-Makers

You can determine which leads are the most promising based on the information you gathered from your forms and the automatically gathered data.

When prioritizing your leads, always give preference to decision-makers

When prioritizing your leads, always give preference to decision-makers. Depending on the nature of your products or services, these can be buyers, accountants, product managers, or even the CEO.

Targeting decision-makers will speed up the process and save you considerable time and effort.

Automate Your Processes

Apart from lead nurturing, automating can help you in other business areas as well. Using software tools to do the job for you makes your whole operation a lot more efficient.

Check out our blog How to Automate Your Small Business’ Operations for ideas. These platforms can help streamline your business’ processes and eliminate all unnecessary tasks.

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