How to build online brand awareness for your tech startup

Startups have a hard time getting into the conversation. It’s not easy to be seen as a legitimate source of information, to gain the trust of potential customers, or even to be heard at all.

With all the noise of startups roaring around us, growing businesses need to be loud and strategic in order to build their online brand awareness.

But how can you build an effective and recognizable online presence? To develop your startup’s brand recognition and audience, you need consistent action, attention, and of course a brilliant team.

Before anything when building brand awareness, you need to know your audience and business community. This includes who and where they are. Here, we’ll discuss some hacks for manipulating social media and search engines to boost recognition.

Create a brand identity

What is brand identity? It’s who and what your company is to the consumer. Although your company isn’t a real person, it has a personality. You’ll have to flex this in order to stand out on your social media accounts, marketing campaigns, and blog posts.

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Your identity will rely on clear cut goals and values. And what are those?

Well, consider what your business brings to the table. Your brand identity is a collection of what you put out, what your customers say about you (reviews and referrals), and what you promise. Imagine a combination of these factors. A customer reviews your company on Google claiming you promise one thing but offer something else.

Accuracy is important. Misinformation and miscommunication aren’t worth the fix time. Your brand positioning is where your business is located in the minds of consumers based on what your startup offers. Be upfront, straightforward, and reader-friendly with the message and goals you promote, either on your social media accounts or on your landing page.

But far before your website’s landing page, way at the top of the funnel, is where you need to pump up your brand strategy.

Develop a brand strategy

Your strategy should consist of creating brand logos and graphics, slogans, content, and social media presence.

Create unique brand logos

To develop an effective brand identity, you must create brand logos. Logos are necessary in order to have your customers and potential customers recognize your brand near and far. Logos connect your brand name, colors, and main associated graphic.

For example, Veem isn’t just a company name. The name and its colors are easily recognizable. The orange and blue V and web page background are welcoming and unique.

If your business is simplistic enough, it’s an opportunity to incorporate an element of the industry into your logo. Tech startups seem to struggle here because their procedures and purposes are complicated and can’t be compressed into a single image. In this case, ensure your logo is simple enough to be recognized.

Although slogans are important, they’re less common for today’s startups. “I’m Lovin’ it,” “Have it Your Way,” “Finger Lickin’ Good.” Instead of businesses having their own general catchphrases, marketing teams are creating phrases that reflect their unique offerings.

“Veem it and its paid” says what we do using exact language. Collect your audience by symbolizing what your business does with your logo and compressing its values and main selling points with your slogan.


Your tech startup needs to be a staple in the conversation. Publishing content can help build a reputable voice. Your brand’s voice is foundational to boosting online brand awareness for your tech startup.

Good content will escalate your business’ reputation in the field. Your customers and potential customers want to know that you know the business.

Valuable content comes from answering common questions within the industry. Don’t assume every reader is on the same page. Write for visitors across various levels of understanding. Your content should appeal to experts in the industry, as well as those with little-to-no understanding about tech. After all, your employees are experts. Use content to show how your business can advocate for customers needing assistance.

Prove your business’ expertise by getting involved with the broader tech community. Guest writing is a necessary task for gaining validity and building your online brand awareness. Whether inviting reputable tech industry writers to write on your blog or having your writers create pieces for well-known websites, you’ll be a part of the conversation.

Smart targeting with social media

In your brand strategy, you must focus your scope. Appeal to those who you expect to reel in. Although your audience needs to be specific, don’t let that limit your reach.

Using social media helps you narrow your scope to a relevant audience. It’s a bank of potential customers. But banks aren’t free. You’ll need to invest time, talent, and cash into your social media channels. Create posts that aren’t just centered on your company. Share fun facts, quizzes, and surveys that get users engaged.

Use social influencers to appeal to viewers. These are sponsored ads that use recognized figures in the industry.

Many social media platforms let you track your progress with analytics that reveal how effective your ads are. They also let you display and interact with customer reviews. Welcome these and respond constructively to build a relationship with customers and potential customers.

Social media is the most relevant and effective vehicle to transport consumers to your knowledge bank and landing page.

Brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors help normalize your business in specific locations. By localizing your business, potential customers not only recognize your company, but more importantly, they trust it.

Having local representatives for your brand is a helpful boost to gaining trust. Make it easy to connect with your company.

These ambassadors should be knowledgeable about your products and services and have contact information and connections to help further the relationship between your business and potential clients, partners, etc.

Brand ambassadors work as influencers, carrying out marketing campaigns and spreading awareness. Keep in mind, they are specific influencers that have an active part in the industry, rather than merely a social media icon.

Employ brand ambassadors to get an effective voice and actor in the industry.


Search engines have a lot of power over your brand awareness. If your website isn’t trusted or liked by Google, it suffers in terms of traffic. Ensure your website and content are fully optimized in order to see the best traffic.

SEO is affected by many elements, most leading back to user experience.

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Landing pages

The top of the funnel is the place to grab the attention of your broader target audience. Once you’ve got it, you need to reel in.

Your social media accounts and search engine links need to lead somewhere. Otherwise, what’s the point? Develop simple, friendly landing pages that encourage visitors to sign up, subscribe, or contact your startup.

On your landing page, avoid flooding your potential customers with information. The simplicity will help new visitors understand your goals, values, and capabilities. Then they can decide to learn more.


Get your tech startup the recognition it deserves. Become a name consumers recognize and trust by amping up your content and marketing strategies. Then, deliver your service and product as promised.

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